The concept that thinking in a healthy manner will assist a person to have a healthier physiology is not a new one. Far from it; it is at the heart of ancient traditions. Our bodies mirror the sum total of our thoughts and experiences as well as our genetic inheritance.

I was reminded of this fact the other day when I was chatting with an experienced masseuse therapist. We were discussing the prevalence of back issues in the modern day world, many of which are connected with sitting too long in a bad or inappropriate postural position.

Patients will turn up for an appointment desperately searching for a fast cure for their back issues. They want a fix and they want it fast. Few of them are as willing to examine the why part of their problems. They might think that they are willing but underneath the surface they perhaps have ambivalent feelings regarding this whole issue.

What do I mean by ambivalence? They might perhaps think that there is nothing they can do to change their posture. They might not want to stop doing something that has been putting stress upon their body. They might not be willing to spend the time performing compensatory exercises and stretches. They might not wish to compensate that doing something they love doing is what is causing their problems.

The tendency when a person is willing to look at issues of causation is to ask what one specific thing brought this issue about. As this particular masseuse therapist pointed out, it is highly unlikely or almost impossible for there to be one single cause.

A combination of things will have all contributed to the current physical discomfort. He was actually talking more in terms of purely physical causes, such as a combination of bad posture when working at the computer or playing golf without stretching first.

This made me ponder upon the fact that people are even less likely to seek to see if their might be causes in terms of thought and attitude. And what mental changes could be set in motion to assist in a more flexible physiological experience?

Your mind and body are inevitably linked. Mental processes have an unavoidable effect upon your body just as powerfully as physical pain has a knock on effect upon your mental state and emotional equilibrium. You hear people say, "This pain is grinding me down", yet you rarely hear people commenting that their attitude is having any impact upon their physical health.

It is worth thinking about this interaction between mind and body and seeing what you can do to help create your best health possible, to see how you can use your mind to heal your body. There are several ways in which you can do this. One of the most powerful is to employ self hypnosis.

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