Many small businesses have a perfectly understandable tendency to talk about the needs of their business telecom in the form of a small business phone system. The problem is that the mindset can often get confused as to the difference between the capacity of your telephone system and its cost.

Powerful system features do not match large systems and high prices

Of course, if you have a phone system that has more than 200 extensions, by many definitions it is a great system. Still, you do not need to have a large system like that to get impressive telecommunications support for your business. In fact, it may be the opposite.

If your system has only six extensions, but is modern and well integrated into both your existing technological infrastructure and your business processes, it can provide you with incredible opportunities. If outdated or poorly integrated, it may not only provide options, but may actually hamper your operations - even if it has 200 extensions.

Modern business phone systems are designed to be able to add great value to your business from day one, even if you start with a small business and a small telecommunications configuration in just a few expansions.

Design is the key

Modern small business phone systems are designed to be easy to install, but choosing your solution is typically key. Although business phones are increasingly seen as being off-the-shelf buyers, there is, in fact, a relationship between thinking through and designing your telecom needs and the potential benefits you gain.

Buying an expensive small business telephony system that can do huge amounts of things for you from day one may not be the most suitable solution if you actually do not need half of these features anyway. The good news is that if things change in the future, the modular nature of modern small business phone systems means that your technology can generally be upgraded and expanded without throwing away your existing investment.

Tested solutions

Today, few companies, large or small, can afford the luxury of being a test site for glamorous but untested technology. This is because modern companies rely heavily on their telephone systems to support their operations almost every minute of the day.

If the system is not available for technical reasons, you will typically have it fixed very quickly. What you probably will not hear is that it can not be solved because no one has seen this problem or a specific telephone system before.

Therefore, using well-known telephony solutions such as Siemens business telephone systems can help reduce your risks of downtime and limited support. Back up this with a maintenance contract for telephone systems from a reputable provider of telecommunications solutions, and you can typically be sure that your telephone operation will run as smoothly as possible.

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