This is a discussion and topic that has been coming up a lot lately…at least it seems that way anyway. So what’s the difference between an intention and a goal? Aren’t they one in the same?

Not really, but they are related and intertwined with one another. I like to think of an intention as the bigger picture…the whole enchilada, if you will. With measurable goals as the filling of that enchilada (keeping with the analogy ) that makes that enchilada complete. Basically, with every intention there are goals that serve as our stepping stones to fulfilling that intention.

Let me give you a personal example…

My intention is to help change the world in a positive way one person at a time. Some of my goals to achieving that intention are:

1) Reaching out to as many people as I can as often as I can.
2) Continuing to build a loving and supportive coaching practice.
3) Broadening my knowledge and experience.

Now, comes the really fun part, creating measurable action items for each goal… the things that I can and will do in order to accomplish my goals. Let’s take #3 as an example… in order to achieve this goal (which is one that is continuous) I entered into a Masters program, I am continuing to expand my coach training, hired my own coach, I read all sorts of books, as well as listen and learn from others. I am always seeking opportunities to enhance and improve my coaching skills, which in turn helps me with goals 1 & 2.

If this sounds like a lot of work, I won’t lie…it is, but I have truly found that anything that is REALLY worth it is worth all the work and effort…especially when it comes to intentions.

So, what are some of your intentions and the goals you will use to fulfill those intentions?

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