We are at the right place at the right time. Do you believe that? If you think that you are not then let’s look at this in a different way. I believe that most of us have not moved forward enough because of self-doubt. You don’t believe in yourself, you don’t see yourself doing what you want to do.
So let’s compare this to the computer industry. We all know that the computer industry has advance more than any other industry because they were not regulated as much as any other industry. So what happen, the people were free to rise up and to team up with super technologies. They were allow to think, they were allowed to day dream and to use their imaginations all day long. They became genius and gave us wonderful things and it keeps getting better and better and the prices get lower and lower. It is the only industry that this is happening, we have all the knowledge of the world sitting in our pockets with our phones. We can afford this because of very little regulations.
So let’s compare that to you. If you believe in outside authority than you have regulations put on you by the outside authority and yourself. You are letting them control you even if you think you are not. If you have not found you’re FNE and if you are not doing mini-days and if you are not making money from your FNE, then you are allowing the outside authority to control you. Until you rise above this and become a genius with the Twelve Visions you will stay stagnate and never become that person that you always wanted to be. Take the regulations off of your back and soar to new heights. This is why we are here now, this is the reason why we are on this call tonight. Yes we are at the right place at the right time.
Every industry but the computer Industry is under the burden of regulation, like we are under the burden of life. Let’s look at the medical industry, no great cures will ever come until the FDA is dismantle. Does the price of Health Insurance, Hospital Stays and taking care of ourselves get any cheaper? The prices just keep going up and up, and did Obamacare help this situation? Is the prices of anything going down like the computer industry? How many billions of people will continue to die until we do something? Until life becomes a priority this will continue to happen. We will continue to die needlessly and for how much longer until we rise as conscious people, living our dreams, becoming wealthy and having the Mentality of the 12 Visions.
The nature of conscious man is God-Man or self-authority. Authorization from outside goes against conscious man’s nature. We must realize that our own deep-rooted bicameral urges to be told by higher authorities what to do and how to live destroys society. We must understand that they are the ultimate neocheaters and their illusions of good intentions for the social good is an exchange for our sacrifice to their own power, prestige and control over enormous wealth.
So, how do we change this, how do we enter the 12 Visions World?
We will never get 50 Million people by trying to tell them about TVP. People generally don’t like politics and I think we can understand that. People vote for just one reason, what we you do for me, that is why they vote. They don’t care what your politics are, just what you can do for them. I would imagine that they don’t like the two party system that we have and they don’t like a third party, which we have seen recently. We don’t need to educate them about our government or the TVP. What we need to do is to find our FNE and become the person that we were meant to be.
When you are living your essence, how do you think you were feel? Do you ever think about that? Just take a minute and think about that feeling, the feeling of living the 12 Visions. Do you think you would feel more confident, happy, fearless, caring, more aware, do you think you would keep the 12 Visions to yourself? When you are successful, you show it, people will see it in you. They will listen to you, you would talk about the 12 Visions with so much passion, how would anyone not want to vote for it?
Today, if you were talking to people about the 12 Visions, would they believe in it if you are don’t living it? Of course not. That is why the TVP is not moving, that is why Neothink is not moving. Hardly anyone is living their essence here. People want to be associated with success, if they see success here they will come by the millions, they are ready for this but are we? Right now we are not ready to go public with the TVP or that matter Neothink also. We do not have the mentality yet, we are not living the Neothink Mentality.
Once we are in the 12 visions world and the genius start to expand ever so fast and the prices start to come down quickly on everything because technology is catching up in every industry, just like In the computer industry.
Businesses in the next era evolved beyond the division of labor that has served us well for the past century. Now in this new era, we have evolved into the more competitive division of essence: the essence of business is to create values that build wealth.
I don’t think we know what kind of effect we can have on people. All I know is that if we can help people move forward in their life, if we can create more for society than take out, if we give more than we take, than you would feel like the wealthiest person on earth. The light in all this darkness is Neothink and the torch bearers are us, it is our responsibility to take this to the world. Do not let fear stop you, do not let anyone stop you. You are on your own path, put faith into your heart and take that next step and do it for yourself. Have faith in you and you will never fail. Remember, you have Neothink, you always will have the edge in everything that you do. Take the 12 visions to the world and you will never feel better.

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As a Certified Life Coach of Fagan & Associates, Inc. Charlie Moore brings 40 years of experience working in Business, Sales, Management, and Mentoring to the table. Mr. Moore has trained hundreds of people in both sales and management.

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This is my life’s motivation and essence, to help people become the person they always wanted to be. It took me a long time to get here, and now, I don’t want to see another person waste years trying to find the way themselves. As your personal Life Coach, I will show you the way.

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