Have you ever heard the saying ‘Thoughts become things?’

Well I will try to explain what is really meant by that.

We are where we are in life because of our past consistent thoughts.

When we think about something we either do it consciously or subconsciously.

Unfortunately, the problem that the majority of us do in modern society is that that we usually think more about things we don’t want in our lives, rather than the things we do want.

Put this to the test yourself.

For the next two to three days become the observer of your thoughts. If you want, make a note of all the thoughts you had over this period.

What did you find?

Were you consistently thinking about things you don’t want to happen in your life? Were your dominant thoughts filled worry, doubt, fear and struggle? Or were your thoughts directed towards the things you really want in life and filled with happiness, joy and contentment?

Well, I want to let you in on an age old secret.


It doesn’t matter one jot if we want or don’t want something, we will always get what we consistently think about.

Your current life circumstances is the result of your predominant thoughts and your past state of mind.

Your life tomorrow is created by your thoughts of today.

Through the laws of quantum physics you are creating your future now. Your true point of power is NOW.

All our thoughts emit an energetic vibration.

Happy thoughts emit a positive energetic vibration

Unhappy thoughts emit a negative energetic vibration.

When you emit a thought into the universe, whether positive or negative then it has to, through the laws of quantum physics, find its vibrational match.

This is more commonly known as the Law of Attraction.

This law is unfailing, constant and impersonal and allows you to attract whatever it is you want in life.


A great way of best understanding the Law of Attraction is to think of yourself as a magnet.

You, your mind, and your body are energy, also everything that surrounds you is energy.

When you give off a positive energetic vibration through thinking happy positive thoughts, you then attract energy of a similar frequency, meaning that more positive things will come into your life, whether it’s people, events or opportunities.

However, the same rule applies when your thought energy is of a negative frequency, you will then attract similar energetic vibrations, and therefore more unhappy things will come into your life

So can you see how important it is to think about the things you want in life rather than the things you don’t want.

Can you see how vital it is to have thoughts that make you happy and joyful rather than thoughts that make you sad, worried and fearful.


You really are creating the future now. Only the present is important.

By having happy and positive state of mind now, you’re creating your happy and positive future.

The past is in the past. However hard you try, you can’t change it.

Dwelling on your unhappy past now, will only make you feel more unhappy, meaning you are creating and attracting more of an unhappy future.


Unfortunately back in my professional rugby days, the laws of Quantum Physics and Attraction were totally lost on me. That stuff was something confined to the geeks and brain-boxes of the world

Yes we had brief experiences with sports psychologists who touched on mind exercises to improve our performance, but I was totally ignorant of the awesome powers that we hold within our minds.

I’m 100% certain if I had better understood the workings of the mind and harnessed it’s true creating powers, then my career would have been so much more successful.

The catalogue of injuries wouldn’t have come into play. The unexplained dips in form would never have lasted has long as they did. Losses in confidence would have become more and more infrequent. The difference it would have made would have been remarkable.

However the important thing is that I have this information now, and I’m using it, to slowly but surely transform my life.


Our mind can be our very best friend or our very worst enemy.

It can create a truly great and incredible future, or it can create one that’s horrible and unhappy.

It really does possess that much power

So now you know a little more about the powers you possess in your mind and how the Laws of Quantum physics and the Law of Attraction bring all this together, you now can start creating your happy future and be confident you’ll finally get what you so desire in life

People like Newton, Carnegie, Einstein and many others knew and understood all these laws and lived their lives according to it. But unfortunately, this information has been kept a secret to the majority of people for too long.

But thankfully, this has recently started to change.

Now through films and book such as The Secret, and ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ more people are learning about the secret of how our thoughts become things.

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We are where we are in life because of our past consistent thoughts. Our thoughts are determining our life and our future. Basically our thoughts become things thoughts become things which manifest in our lives. Understanding this concept and applying powerful laws can and will change your life forever