When it comes to the self help industry, thoughts are often described as having the power to create one’s life and therefore to define what one attracts into their life. And there are numerous authors and experts that espouse this perspective.

One can learn about this through all kinds of books, audios and DVDs. There have even been a number of documentary type films that go into this outlook. So can how one thinks really make such a difference to one’s life? Let’s take a deeper look.


A good way to get an understanding of how thinking can influence one’s life is through what is often described as a self talk. This is where one talks to themselves and although one is aware of some of this chatter - a lot of it goes unnoticed.

And whether or not one is aware of this chatter will not make a difference; as it is always having an effect on how one sees themselves, other people and the world.

The thoughts that one has are often the result of having a certain perception. This can be gained through seeing an image or reliving a memory.

The Catalyst

However, this whole process is not just about the perceptions that one has and the cognitions that are then triggered, it is also shaping how ones feels. It could be said that the mind is moderating the body.

Or it could be that the mind is causing the body to be out of balance. So through thinking a certain way, one will often experience emotions and feelings as a result.

And this is where the real power comes in. thoughts may give one a sense of focus, but it is the emotions and then the feelings that will make things happen.

Subjective Meaning

Thoughts can also have different meanings to different people. A thought may well be seen as being either positive or negative and yet what is positive to one person can be negative to another and vice versa.

And this will depend on the associations that one’s ego mind has around a specific word. This meaning will create the perceptions that one has and therefore what their thoughts, emotions and feelings will be.

These meanings are coming from what is known as the unconscious mind and the part that one is generally not aware of.


So this can relate to money, intimacy, happiness and everything else. Consciously one may want to have money, to experience intimacy and to be happy. But what will make the difference here are the associations that one’s mind has around these things.

At an unconscious level, one may not feel that it is safe to have these things. And there could be fear around having money, experiencing intimacy or being happy. This will lead to conflict and even to self sabotage.

The Struggle

One’s life is often a mirror of what is going on at this deeper level. And this is why what one consciously thinks about will rarely show up. Due to their being a mismatch with the conscious and the unconscious mind; it can lead to struggle and frustration.

Outside sources could be blamed and seen as the reason why something is not showing up.

Feeling Comfortable

So if the world is mirroring back what is going on at a deeper level, then it is important to be what one wants to attract into their lives. One has to feel comfortable with having whatever they desire.

And this will often come down to whether one believes that they deserve something or not. The answers will often be within if something is not showing up and not because of what is going on externally.


One can believe that they truly want something at a conscious level, without even knowing that at a deeper level, they actually fear having it. So they will then end repelling the very thing that they want.

This can be a result of being in a society that tends to looks outside for the reasons why something is happening. So Instead of looking at what may be going on in one’s personal reality, one may have been conditioned to look outside.

To deal with what is going on a deeper level; one may need the assistance of a therapist, healer or a coach. These people will be able to support one in going where they would not necessarily go by themselves.

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My name is Oliver J R Cooper and I have been on a journey of self awareness for over nine years and for many years prior to that I had a natural curiosity.

For over two years, I have been writing articles. These cover psychology and communication. This has also lead to poetry.

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