Islam has laid down a particular and essential system of moral and principled standards. Right and mystical development of human beings is elementary motive Islamic wisdoms. Islamic ethical system encompasses of all universal moral standards. This ethical system is far better and greater to other present and western moral standards because Islamic system hinge on association of person and Allah Almighty.
Terror of God called Taqwa, Faith in Allah and Self-Sanitization (Tazkia Nafs) are foremost three columns of Islamic moral classification. All spiritual obligations like, Hajj, Umrah, Namaz, Zakat are endorsing these standards. Umrah, when Muslims attain at dominant place, is also an imperative stage to display these essential morals of beliefs of Islam. And all these things display Importance of Social Interaction. Terror of Allah Almighty which is called Taqwa is the primary and chief key of Islamic moral standards. Taqwa means defense and defending from somewhat which is professed haram or unlawful and prohibited in Islam. It imitates that one must keep oneself harmless and away from evil and prohibited practices while execution of religious duties and responsibilities. This notion of Taqwa permits the repetition of fearing of Allah Almighty in all conditions and protection or limitation of body organs like tongue, heart, mind, hands, eyes from incorrect and terrific doings which make person a virtue and devout. Muttaqi person become God-conscious in his repetitive activates and performs. Taqwa is main support of moral standards and one cannot achieve knowledge and status of morality without it. There are many awards are proclaimed for those persons who are muttaqi in their behaviors and performs. The Holy Quran and Proverbs of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) are supplied with virtues of Taqwa or Fear of Allah Almighty.

Tawakal is another elementary standard of Islamic moral scheme. It embodies belief on Allah Almighty and requests Him in all situations. A true supporter accepts the commandments of Allah Almighty and implements his all activities and tasks according to guidelines specified by Allah Almighty. Few people misinterpret this idea. For them Tawqal means one should dodge to take any act and effort. They reflect one must be seated lazy and trust that Allah will make available everything. So one must shun any determination and skirmish. But it is not the actual soul of Taqwal. Faith on Allah means that one must work very hard to comprehend his goal and determinations and for result and consequence he must put trust to Allah Almighty and pursue path of success and supreme guidance.

After Taqwal and Taqwa , decontamination of inner self or Tazkia Nafs is additional central element of Moral organization. It comprises of both external and internal sanitation of person. In other intelligence, we can say that it is the cleansing of mind, body and passion. Though, dutifully it means sanitation of person’s attention and soul from evil opinions, evil performs and meanings. Body and soul are interrelated so decontamination of both is essential for vigorous physique. This idea is not imperfect to only mind or body it also includes all other kinds of sanitation like house, home of worship and work.

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