If you are a woman working in information technology, you will find the information in this special report invaluable. Here are three of the most powerful strategies to overcome obstacles and propel you forward to the recognition, respect and salary you deserve.

By our very nature, women have personality traits that serve us well in the field of technology. We tend to have higher EI (Emotional Intelligence) than our male counterparts and excellent interpersonal skills that allow us to engage with all levels of staff, regardless of their technical status or experience. Yet we often find that women are being ignored for promotions and advancement opportunities. When it comes to training, sharing information and acting as mentors, there is still a network of old men who in many corporate cultures discriminate against women in favor of often younger and less experienced men. According to Emily Goligoski, Marketing Manager for Federated Media, young women are not encouraged to enter the field. The proportion of women trained in computer science is even lower now than it was in the 1980s. In 2008, girls accounted for only 17% of Advanced Placement test takers in computer science (the lowest percentage of any subject) and they had less than 20% computer science degrees. This loss of young women in the tech field costs invaluable brainpower and for women already in the profession, the loss of millions of dollars in wages.

The good news is that there are ways to overcome these obstacles, and with smart strategic planning, women can still thrive and rise to the top of this dynamic and exciting profession.

1. Specialize. Having in-depth knowledge in a specific area will give you a competitive advantage. If your current employer uses the specialty you are interested in, request training in that area. Otherwise, it would be a good investment to get out of your pocket and get the training. (Save receipts; career-related training and materials may be tax deductible.) If your location or your ability to take time off from work is an issue, there are great self-guided training manuals and online courses.

Some of the most promising areas of IT are:

Microsoft Cloud. You've seen the TV commercials and chances are your business already uses them in some way. Recent surveys show that at least 50% of organizations are already using some form of cloud computing and the adoption rate is increasing by 17% per year. According to Dice.com, the number of jobs for cloud computing has grown 344% in the last two years!

Virtualization The foundation of cloud computing has been hot for a while. Companies are launching to take advantage of the cost and management benefits of delivering virtualized desktops and applications and consolidating their servers. Those with experience in these areas will be in high demand. Statistics from Dice.com show a 78% growth rate in the number of jobs related to server virtualization.

Mobile computing. Of all the technological explosions of the last decade, this is the most widespread. You are most likely reading this report on a mobile device. Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, eReaders, laptops, Androids, notebooks; the list is long and expands all the time. Developing expertise in configuring these devices to seamlessly connect to the company network is a skill that will be in demand.
These are just three examples of IT specialties that promise to be all the rage for years to come. Mobile app programming, network security, and social media are also high-demand specialties. Research the one that appeals to you the most. Become an expert in one of these areas and you will be highly sought after and well rewarded.

2. Networks. Join and actively participate in at least one IT Professional Association. In response to the need to mentor young women and support women already working in IT careers, many professional associations and organizations have been created in recent years. Advantages: Stays up to date with the latest trends and provides an educational platform to expand your knowledge base. This is important in any profession except IT, not keeping up with the latest technology means you are moving. https://www.themebounce.com/%e0%b8%82%e0%b9%88%e0%b8%b2%e0%b8%a7%e0%b9%8...

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Research the one that appeals to you the most. Become an expert in one of these areas and you will be highly sought after and well rewarded.