Here are some strategies to transform stress into ease and empowerment:

T- Transcend from role to role way of relating to connect soul-to-soul. Be in
service to others without sacrificing your integrity by being authentic in your
communication and acting from an inspired and loving space of compassion.

H- Honour your values and priorities by knowing what they are, and
create boundaries to protect them.

I- Inspire others by being a role model of a true leader who creates
opportunities for another’s advancement, both in professional and personal growth. You
have special gifts beyond your skill set that deserve to be shared. (I strongly recommend
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V- Vitality. Keep your soul energized by focusing on what nurtures, guides
and heals you in this work.

E- Environment. Create an inspiring work area that cultivates peace and
centers you. For example, I created what my coworkers and manager called the “Zen Desk”
since people felt more centered just by being there. I had covered a portion of my desk
in a beautiful cloth, had a small running waterfall feature, a couple crystals, and a
​ Himalayan salt lamp. A selenite lamp works well too, Customize it the way you like!

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Jennifer Regular is a Soul Care Facilitator, Corporate Wellness Leader, and Author at Enlightened Wellness. She is dedicated to helping those who are highly sensitive or in transition to reconnect with their passion and purpose. Get her free guided meditation video to connect with your soul's gifts at