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There is much talk about mental illness lately. Just this week singer Demi Lovato who struggles with bipolar disorder, was hospitalized for a suspected drug overdose.

The singer is very honest and open about her struggles with mental illness, which at times have led her to abuse drugs and alcohol. This time her lows overcame her and she took it too far.

We have all had low points our life and can relate. Even if you may not struggle with mental health or substance abuse there are just those days in which you carry a heavier burden. Demi Lovato is an example of a struggling star who wishes to inspire and help shift perspective on mental health.

Yet she relapsed and as strong as she may be there are just those days where even if God knocks, we just shut the window and go back to sleep. A slumber manifested by sulking in our own troubles.

God cares

You may think we serve a legalistic God that has a list of expectations and requirements to enter heaven. I promise you we don't! We serve a God that has an eager intent to make us whole.To set us in all his glory by listening to simple life instructions that will lead us to a fulfilling life.

Fulfilling in every sense not just spiritual. God is always working even the negatives in our life because his goal is positive. To bring us to a full sense of overall wellness and worship of him. The Bible allows me to relate to other perspectives of this life.

That through past trial and error the writers have overcome and so can I. What a joy it is to wake up in the morning and feel that alignment with God, in spite of how we come up short. Striving everyday to be better individuals is a blessing and a gift so pure that it can only come from God.

You were God's choice

See when we feel reverence for God and love for others it's a gift itself. He chooses who he loves. Not with partiality but embracing each of us in our uniqueness, pushing us to strive to be better everyday.

He moves us to want things when we feel we can't have it or don't deserve it. He works with our stubbornness and continuously removes the stumbling blocks we set up ourselves. He wakes us up in the morning with his sweet voice making sure we awake to the sweet sound of birds chirping and the smell of food so good to our mouth.


The Bible is a great tool when you feel a sense of hopelessness because you can reignite that fire that may be gone from you at the moment by the biblical testimony. God is real and he is worthy to be praised for helping his people through. The broken hearted, those who have been hurt and discouraged by others, all have a message to read in the Bible.

Psalm 111

2. The works of the Lord are great,

Studied by all who have pleasure in them. His work is honorable and glorious,

And his righteousness endures forever.

From scientist to scholars all throughout history there has always been an understanding that God exist. That his greatness is manifested in human life. That even the environment in all its synchronicity confesses God.

So what we go through he surely cares about and wants us to allow him in and teach us how to bare that cross. His blood he shed in Calvary for us to hurt no more.

That event took place thinking of those moments you can't take it anymore. Life seems of no value and your mental illness is having its day. Jesus sacrificed himself for us and was put through the same circumstances we may find ourselves in.

Psalm 112
1.Praise the Lord! Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, Who delights greatly in his commandments.

Reading the Bible as a holistic tool that adds to my treatment really works for me.

I have come to find out in studying Psalms, David was very up and down just like I think I am. He honestly pleads for forgiveness, then demands vengeance against those who persecute him. He is humble then he's boastful.

He taught me a lot about dealing with my mood swings. He taught me that these feelings, these thoughts, these sorrows are important to me. That is why I hold on to them. That it's natural to feel angry, sad or mad.

That as Christian as we may become these feelings will always be there fester and grow if we don't talk them out with God. That is what I loved most about reading Psalms, really listening to David vent. He came to God in anger or distress but ultimately came.

He feared the Lord and through a reverent heart he became a mighty king with great responsibilities. A true renaissance man of his time.

Adopting biblical principles doesn't lead to a repressed life. It leads into a life of abundance that is found in Christ Jesus. It is good that we take a peek into the word of God, not only for spiritual nourishment but to answer simple life questions as well.

Psalm 116

3. The pains of death surrounded me, And the pangs of Sheol laid hold of me; I found trouble and sorrow.

Then I called upon the name of the Lord: O Lord, I implore you, deliver my soul!

In this Psalm we can read a blatant cry for help. The psalmist at this moment felt death upon him. He felt so low that his worries were taking a hold of him. Then he remembered he has a redeemer that when he can't anymore says “move over I'm here now”.

The Psalm actually continues literally brightening it’s dark beginnings as it declares how gracious and righteous our God is! That is the most awesome thing about God when you begin to pray you feel a load coming off you. Your burdens being lifted, compassion being shown, mood shifted and the feeling a being minuscule in this majestic plan overtakes me.

Praying and worship have been essential to preserving my mental health. Yet I do understand how important complying with my mental treatment has been. With the right medication, good effective therapy (when I commit) and other practices such as meditation, I have been able to be stable in my struggle with Bipolar Disorder for a few years.

Although I do have my days of extreme lows, hopelessness or those magical fairy dust days full of ideas, planning the only stability I do have is the promises in Christ Jesus.

That as dark as these tunnels become dark and as the fog thickens, there is always that light I spot in the distance. Not a very long distance just far enough to lead the way.

May the readers of this post be blessed.

Author's Bio: 

I am Astharte De Los Santos,

This article is about the freedom the Lord gives you if just have faith and believe in his power as healer. Proclaim victory! Inhale hope and exhale anxieties. God is good worthy to be praised.

Thank You readers for you I bled in this article.
God Bless You!!