The Tibetan 5 Element Healing Practices invoke the universal elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space.

These are the very elements which make up our human form, and everything in our environment.

Having the correct elemental balance is crucial for our over-all health and well being.

Excess or deficiency imbalances of the 5 elements are the basis from which all illness is formed and accumulated.

From there the imbalance manifests as a concrete physical illness.

When the elements are strong and balanced we have excellent health, clarity of mind, and are highly effective and functional in life.

The Tibetan 5 Element Healing practices use the principles of Tibetan Tantra, which is weaving light and sound with form.

Using special mantras attuned to one of the Five Elements, and ancient Tibetan healing instruments called purbhas, these powerful energies are focused and concentrated into specific points along the energy centers of the body.

These energy centers, (also called chakras), are analogous to the central central channel, and all the major organs.

Unlike acupuncture, which focuses on surface meridians, The 5 Element practices focus deep into the central channel and core chakras directly.

This healing modality is an extremely powerful catalyst for sexual healing, personal growth, and helping to resolve long-standing health issues.

Many people have found that these healing sessions greatly enhanced the results of other healing modalities they were using and can also be used to greatly accelerate one’s practice of Tantra by quickly removing “blocks to bliss!”

These healing sessions are non-sexual in nature, and closely resemble acupressure/acupuncture treatments.

Issues that may be addressed through these methods are:

Support in the physical and emotional healing of sexual trauma
Difficulty with orgasm
Difficulty in attracting partners
Premature Ejaculation
Erectile Dysfunction
Accelerating personal growth
Improves results of other healing modalities
Long-standing physical ailments

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Jacques has been a natural health practitioner for over 21 years, a member of natural health clinics in California, and a radionics master, with training in classic homeopathy, herbology, and nutrition. The 5 Element healing methods were revealed and accomplished under the guidance of Lama Tashi Dundrup and other Kagyu Lamas. He has used these methods directly on Lamas and their consorts to benefit them, and their students. He has been practicing the 5 Element methods for about 5 years, and now primarily focuses on these methods, feeling they are more powerful and effective than any other methods he has trained in.

Author's Bio: 

Jacques Drouin has been studying and practicing the Tantric Arts for over 25 years. He is the Founder of Tantric Arts of Love, the only school for Tantric Sex offering qualified instruction in the Secret Tibetan Five Element Sexual Teachings. He is a Certified Tantric Healer, Certified Daka, and Advanced Tantric Sexuality Educator. He is a Featured Tantric Expert at Sexy Spiritual Relationships and In addition to having training and accomplishment in several different styles of Tantra (including East Indian Kama Sutra, Chinese Taoist, and Western) he has extensive training in the Vajrayana Buddhist, Tibetan Five Element practices. After taking refuge and receiving empowerments (initiations) into the Shangpa Kagyu lineage, he received direct instruction in the Tibetan Five Element Sexual practices from Lama Tashi Dundrup, and continues to practice them under his guidance. (Lama Tashi Dundrup has been teaching Tantric bodhisattva practice for over 20 years, and has received some of the highest and most secret teachings and empowerments of Tibetan Tantric practice.)
After reaching a degree of accomplishment in specific practices, Jacques was given Lama Tashi's blessing to begin teaching the Tantric Arts of Love, including the Five Element practices. These techniques have been practiced in secret for thousands of years, taught only by great masters in an unbroken line down to us today. This may be the first time these teachings have been openly taught in the West!
Jacques has been a natural health practitioner for over 22 years, and has included the Tibetan Five Element healing techniques in his professional practice. As a result of this, his approach to Tantra incorporates his extensive knowledge of physical health and healing. Jacques skillfully demonstrates to students how to use these sexual practices for the healing of oneself and partner.
Jacques is very excited to bring these practices out in the West. The ease and effectiveness of Tibetan Five Element Tantra has enabled Jacques to combine and surpass the various styles he had previously learned. He has seen that with some basic diligence in practice, great benefit can be gained with swiftness and ease.