What is the number one reason people give for NOT doing something? I don’t have enough time! You have big ideas and made plans to start a meaningful project, but you can never find the time to get it done. Days, weeks, and months fly by but there hasn’t been any action taken to move you closer to the things you want. This causes your goals and dreams to move further and further into the distance. There are many ways to tackle time management, but the first step is to stop the distractions!

Time management is one of the most common challenges today, and it comes up regularly when I work with my clients. If you have grand ideas or audacious goals, they can require a lot of time and planning. Working with a coach can help you prioritize tasks, be more productive, and stay focused. Having someone who is objective and only concerned with what YOU want, can keep you on track. Everyone from company CEOs to the President, has the same amount of time in a day. Its how people use their 24 hours that makes the difference between accomplishment and stagnation. Let’s discuss the top distractions and how to overcome them!

1. Clutter- Having random “stuff” hanging around everywhere is a major distraction. This prevents you from finding what you want, when you need it to get things done quickly. How much time have you wasted looking for the notes to start your project? More importantly, a cluttered environment signals a cluttered mind. Put your goals front and center by clearing the mess you have lying around your room or office.

2. Interruptions- In today’s digital world, interruptions have become a way of life. Social media updates coming in by the second, constant emails, text messages, phone calls, and people dropping by just to chat, can consume your time! Reclaim your focus by establishing clear boundaries for interruptions while you are working. Try disconnecting from all social media and turning off your phone for an hour or two. How do you feel? How much have you gotten done? To eliminate in-person distractions, get one of those reversible “Do not disturb – Come in” signs and put it on your door.

3. Environment- Do you know what your ideal working environment is? Are you happier when it’s warm and cozy or cool in your room? Do you get more done in the morning, afternoon, or at night? Your surroundings play a big part in your mood and willingness to follow through. Try scheduling brainstorming and working sessions in the best environment for you. This helps you focus on the task at hand, not the time of day.

4. Other Tasks- When working on a specific project, are you constantly wondering about taking your dog outside, going to the grocery store, or doing the dishes? Have you prioritized what’s most important to do right now? If not, make a list. Writing things down gets thoughts on paper and out of your head. This frees you up to move forward and be present in the current moment.

Eliminating distractions is the first step to reclaim your time and maximize the amount of things you can get done. Efficient time management skills are necessary for anyone who wants to reach their goals while living a balanced life. What distractions are limiting you from making the most of your time? If you would like to maximize your time and reach your goals, consider working with a coach.

Author's Bio: 

Porschia Parker is a Certified Professional Coach, Business Consultant, and Founder of Fly High Coaching: http://www.fly-highcoaching.com/

When she is not coaching, Porschia enjoys traveling, cooking, and working with animals.

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