Find the right photographer for you: It's great to have recommendations from a friend, but be sure to meet or at least talk to your photographer. You will see if your personalities and visions for your wedding photography fit together. Once you have hired them, tell your photographer why you are hiring them. It could be their creative portrait style, their discreet style or maybe their personality. I find these little notes very useful so I know what the client is looking for on their wedding day.

Create an engagement session: If at all possible, create an engagement session with your photographer. You get a good feel for the way they work, therefore you will be more comfortable with them and ready for your wedding day photos. You also get some amazing photos of you and your fiancé that you can use in many creative ways for your wedding and beyond.

Give your photographer a realistic time to work: It's only time to give your photographer 10 minutes between your ceremony and your cocktail hour to shoot amazing photos of you and your new family off to organize these photos, let alone shoot them. Be sure to allow time between the ceremony and the reception (or in advance) to take the photos that are on your "must-have" list.

Cut down on your group photo list: This part of the day can be a high stress point for both you and your photographer. You want to get your photos done, your cheeks ache from all your fake smiles, and you want to get to the creative photos that you really paid your photographer to take. Your photographer is stressed because they are counting down to the cocktail hour and will deliver great creative images to their clients. So try your best before the wedding day to put together a group photo list on paper. If you look at your list and say to yourself "boy, it looks like a lot of group photos" chances are you're right. Try to combine some of your groups down to a more reasonable number. Once you've got your list down, make sure these people know they'll be on photos. A good time to tell them is during your rehearsal dinner. It will be new in their minds the following day at the wedding and should cut down on tracking people down to group photos.

Let your photographer be the photographer: I always let my clients suggest locations that they think can be good photographs, but I also love going off the beaten path to take pictures. So keep an open mind when your photographer makes a placement proposal. They probably see something very different from what you see right in front of you through their camera. Assure yourself during filming that you hired a photographer to take photos you love and trust them to do that job on your wedding day. You may not believe what a great photographer can do with a place that at first glance may not be what you think is beautiful.

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Ray Santana is recognized as one of Miami's top wedding photographers. Specialized in wedding and engagement photography for over 15 years.