In my last article we covered seven tips on the basics of start-up -- from setting up a business checking account, getting business cards and a table, to deciding your pricing and where you will practice. In this article, while still in the first level of your business building, we will go a little deeper into some of the topics that will help you to really focus in on your message and your ideal client so you can make your dream of having a healing practice come true with more grace and ease.

Set up a Basic Bookkeeping System

You can set this up super simply with a pencil and notebook, like my husband does, to record income. Or, an excel spreadsheet like I do to track income and expenses in different categories of services and products. You can also use a program like Quickbooks or Quicken but they may be a bit complex and overkill at this point.

The best decision I ever made was to delegating out my bookkeeping to a firm that specializes in small businesses. I scan everything to them and they handle all of my taxes and corporate filings and answer any questions for a nominal monthly fee.

2. Who is Your Ideal Client?

At first this may feel awkward to define, and may seem like you are limiting yourself if you select certain people, and leave out others. But it works in the opposite way.

When you clearly identify who you want to work with, it makes everything else you do streamlined, including how and where to reach them and why they are a good fit for you and you for them. It helps to distinguish your services to those people you feel most able to support and, perhaps equally or more importantly, to those people who are actually looking for and wanting to invest in your help.

For example, if you are a working mother, and really relate to the dilemma that many working moms have of skimping on their own self-care, you may choose to focus on "working moms who are committed to receiving support for themselves to stay balanced" as your ideal clients.

Ideal Client Attractor Affirmation:

"Everyone (or insert ideal client description) values my time, knowledge, energy, talents and unique gifts. Many wonderful people (ideal clients) joyfully pay me abundantly for them."

3. Craft your Core Message

What is it that you find yourself saying all the time about your own healing experience? What are you often sharing with others? What are the key concepts of how you will be helping people? It is often better if the message is a simple and clear statement about who you help (ideal client) and the results they will receive when they work with you.

For example: I help working moms de-stress through deeply nurturing treatments so they can recharge their own body, mind and spirit.

4. Choosing Your Basic Niche

While I failed miserably in this area, I now realize it would have helped me early on to be clearer in my focus and therefore attract more of my ideal clients and help me focus my message. It was only when I decided to also work with animals that I began to really see an ease in my marketing messages and also an increase in referrals.

Some basic niche categories are:

Business/Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurship is rapidly rising and entrepreneurs need a wide variety of support and products to support their growth personally and professionally.

Health/Wellness/Beauty: Everyone wants to feel better, look fabulous and be healthy, making this a lucrative category to further specialize in.
Relationships: Most everyone is looking for an ideal partner, or trying to find ways to improve their current relationship. People want to feel loved and are willing to invest in making it happen.
Executive/Corporate: Executives within corporations may have unique struggles and needs you can fulfill.
Then, you can further identify specific “tribes” of potential ideal clients within your category. Defining your niche can be quite an in-depth exploration which we will not go into fully here.

The ultimate goal is to finally fill this statement in:

My ideal client is a ______________ who struggles with _____________________
and wants to accomplish ___________ and needs to learn how to _____________
so he/she can (the ultimate outcome) ____________________________.

5. Create a Signature System

Your unique or “signature system” would be a combination of treatments, services and products that make for a one-of-a-kind experience and guarantee better results. This is something I help create for many of my clients to exponentially expand their business, quickly increase cash flow and get faster and much better results for their clients.

It could be a Reiki or Healing session combined with essential oils, massage, yoga, intuitive reading, coaching or any number of modalities that create a powerful transformational VIP experience.

Give it a glorious name and an equally prestigious price and you will be amazed how many will choose it! There are always a certain percentage of people who want the BEST so if you position it this way it will be a natural selection for them!

Final Note

While it is NOT necessary to have all this in place to start your healing practice (I certainly did not!) it may prove very beneficial at least to begin to flesh these items out sooner rather than later. Whatever you do, don’t use not having clarity on these points as an excuse to delay getting a client and begin healing your world! Reiki on!

Author's Bio: 

Kumari is an internationally acclaimed intuitive healer and master coach, best-selling author, spiritual evolutionary and animal mystic, Kumari's deepest joy is empowering healers, coaches, health professionals and conscious leaders to unwrap their innate intuitive, manifesting and healing gifts.