Healthy living goes beyond regular visits to the gym and eating well-balanced meals. It is about making conscious choices to improve your life daily- says Nicole Kramer, head of Wellness at Discovery Vitality: "The goal to achieve a healthy lifestyle is to start by changing the minor aspects of your life that can improve your health such as using the staircase more often, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and dropping the smoking habit."

From a practical perspective, we can identify the basic steps to living a healthy life as becoming physically active, eating nutritious meals and adopting healthy habits such as drinking more water.

Exercise can change your life

It is quite easy to become more physically active every day. You can find one or two opportunities to engage your muscles during the day or night.

Actions such as sitting for too long at work or eating foods packed with sugar should be avoided. Some simple ways to become more physically active include taking long walks to and from work if possible. Parking some blocks away from work so you can walk to your office, and using the stars more often.

It is good to watch the TV but this a habit that can encourage you to sit for too long in one place which is quite bad. Take a break often, try to walk around and exercise your muscles as often as you can.

Good food helps

Fortunately, there are hundreds of menus for good foods that can enrich your body to help you stay healthy. You can take advantage of online videos and expert training to adopt healthier menus for you and your family.

Eat less than you want

A good way to reduce the amount of food you consume is by eating your meals from smaller plates. This way, it may seem like you are eating a lot, but in smaller quantities, so you are protected from overeating. Meals should be served in the kitchen rather than a buffet which can encourage people to eat more food.

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