Ginseng is a widely popular plant right now and its hype is growing with the passage of time and well, all this hype is quite justified because this plant that we are talking about here, it’s magical! For those who don’t know, Ginseng is also known as “Panax” and Panax means “a cure to all”. From preventing diabetes to cancer to improving your heart’s health, this plant and its roots can do it all for you and if you consume Ginseng everyday, you will see and feel the effects of it on your own.

The Chinese have been using this plant for thousands of years and now is the time when even the Americans and all the other Asians are going crazy after it. The best part is that you can consume this plant in different ways. For example, you can chew the raw roots of this plant, you can consume it in the form of tablets (they are available everywhere), you can buy tea bags of Ginseng powder and you can even make tea out of the roots yourself. The point is that there are so many ways to consume the Ginseng herb and if you really want to increase the quality of your life or if you want to cure a disease or prevent one then yes, you should try this herb for sure and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Speaking of, today we are going to tell you how to make Ginseng tea because most people out there prefer consuming it in the form of tea.

1- Cut the Ginseng root into slices

The first way to make the Ginseng tea is to cut the roots into small slices and then put it in a cup of water. Once you do that, you then have to boil the water and the roots inside for at least 5 minutes or till you see that the color of the water is changing to brown. After 5 minutes, turn off the stove and then just put the boiled water in a cup by straining out the root slices. Once done, you can then add some lemon and honey for the taste to that cup, stir it and enjoy your drink.

2- Put the root slices in a cup of hot water

If you don’t want to boil the water then just don’t do anything and simply put the root slices into an empty cup and then put some warm water on top of it. Once you do that, leave that cup for at least half an hour and let the roots diffuse a bit in the water. After half an hour, just stain out the root slices and then enjoy your Ginseng tea with some lemon and honey inside.

3- Use a filter paper

If you don’t want a strong Ginseng taste in your tea then don’t worry because there’s one more thing you can do. In this case, you need a filter paper and crush the Ginseng roots and make sort of powder out of it. Once done, you then have to put this powdery material in the filter paper and make it a bag out of it or tie it in a way that the Ginseng powder does not come out. After that, take a hot cup of water and put this tea bag into that cup. Stir it a little, take the tea bag out of the cup and enjoy your tea.


These are some of the best ways to make Ginseng tea. Use any one of the above mentioned methods and you will have the same results. Also, you can consume 3 to 4 cups of this tea everyday whenever you want to, so even that’s not a problem.

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