Women have made great strides in regards to employment, education, and other opportunities. Yet we still seem to be lacking in one thing: self esteem.

A recent study seems to confirm this. A group of researchers studied over 300 men and women in regards to their behavior on Facebook and other social networking sites. The amount of time the participants spent on Facebook, the number of friends they acquired, and the amount of photos uploaded were all examined in relation to self-worth. It was found that women were more likely to spend a lot more time on the site than their male counterparts and they also more likely to post a good deal of personal photographs. The conclusion reached was that women place a great importance on attention and physical attractiveness. Posting a lot of pictures is akin to women advertising themselves to the opposite sex; they receive positive affirmation from men’s notice.

Cultural Influences

Unfortunately, our culture promotes this lack of sense of self worth in the absence of physical perfection. Everywhere you look, pictures of impossibly thin and beautiful women abound. Television shows focusing on the wonderful lives of these attractive people are more popular than ever. From magazines to the internet, our culture worships the lucky few and encourages us to emulate them. It’s no wonder that young girls feel themselves lacking somehow; they can never hope to be as gorgeous and exciting and wonderful as the most famous celebrities!

What You Can Do To Raise Your Self Esteem

There are things you can do, however, to raise your self esteem and help your daughters develop a healthy self image.

Start with a deep self assessment. It’s important to explore your core values and what is truly important to you. The closer you can make your actions, your career goals, your hobbies and outside activities to honoring your core values, the more it will bring a sense of self worth. This is a way of exalting your Self; of celebrating the uniqueness of everything essential to your wellbeing.

Keep your focus on personal affirmations rather than relying on the opinions of others. In particular, feeling the need to find your soul mate is detrimental to promoting your self esteem. Realize that you are great all by yourself –regardless of who else enters your life. You don’t need someone else to affirm that you are worthwhile and valuable member of society.

The following exercises are practical ways to move away from negative affirmations and focus on the positive aspects of your Self:

• Give up on trying to fit your body into the latest fashions. Opt for a style that suites you and makes you feel attractive and comfortable, regardless of whether or not Hollywood actresses are sporting this style.

• Television shows, internet sites, and magazines that focus on outward beauty and celebrity lifestyles are not helpful. Stop watching The Kardashians and following Paris Hilton. Instead, read an informative book, take a walk, sign up for an online class, or join a club that focuses on a hobby of interest to you.

• Anything that makes you feel good and you do really well is worth pursuing whether it’s baking, embroidery, whitewater rafting or softball. Pursuing something you are really good at is excellent for your self esteem.

• Give yourself positive reinforcement for a job well done. Maybe you’ve been honored at work or someone gave you a compliment on a well-behaved child. This is something to celebrate in a healthy manner (think new gardening tools instead of a hot fudge sundae).

• Take the time to get to know a famous female heroine. You are bound to be inspired by a woman who has gone before you and achieved something amazing.

You need to realize that you are unique and beautiful and wonderful and it has nothing to do with your outward appearance. Stop comparing yourself to impossibly attractive celebrities and revel in the lovely woman you are. You have every reason to believe you are worthy just as you are!

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