Every day we come across ads which promise to give you a flat tummy. What they fail to mention is that the exercise might be hazardous for your health. There are different ways to lose belly fat successfully. How do I lose belly fat? The ideal waist circumference for men should be under 40, and for women should be less than 35. There are several ways through which you can reduce your fat and acquire a firm belly.

Eat the Right diet and Move More: While you do not need a gym for the purpose, you can always burn the calories by involving your self in various activities. Gardening can help you burn many hundred calories in no time at all. You can burn more through sports such as football, swimming etc. Volunteering services and long walks also help and are a very common way. Cardiovascular exercises boost your physical metabolism. It requires persistence. Basically, you can take part in any activity you like in order to lose belly fat. To burn the maximum amount of calories and prevent boredom, diversify your routine by doing different activities. This provides answer to the question, “How do I lose belly fat?”

There are several exercises including chair leg lifts, vertical leg crunches and supine bicycle which target the abs effectively. These are more difficult to perform than other exercises and others in the category include exercise ball crunches and twisting ball crunches. If these exercises are performed various times during the week, you can attain flat abs and tone the waistline.

Several foods such as sugary carbohydrates increase the accumulation of fat and hence it is best to go for the ones which contain high protein and fiber. These foods are slenderizing. Check out a diet plan which includes complex carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and lean sources of protein.

How do I lose belly fat on a regular basis? Begin with the Art of Relaxation: Most of the people see the aspect of relaxation as insignificant in order to lose belly fat and for gaining a lean abdomen. Relaxation through yoga affects the belly in two ways – Firstly; it reduces the high levels of stress and toning the stomach muscles. Excessive stress adds to your weight and it results in excessive belly fat. You can attain a flatter tummy and lose belly fat by refraining from stress and hence avoiding the risks of concurring diseases.
Secondly, Yoga tones down the muscles in your stomach, with the help of its supine poses and postures which affect the abdominal muscles. The several postures of yoga target the stomach area and hence for attaining a flat belly quickly, you should go for the belly busting yoga poses.

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