To Think or Not to Think that is the question?????

Thinking can be a good thing and a not such a good thing. Usually when we ought to think something over, we don't. The other kind of thinking is when something is in our best interest and we over think it and talk ourselves out of it, i.e.: the gym, taking a risk professionally, romantically, etc.

I want you to reflect on a time you made a commitment to someone or something and you really didn't "think" about it. You just opened up your mouth and said, "Yes!" then later on you started to get angry and resentful because you gave your word and now you have to follow through. Usually that inner child inside of you is throwing a tantrum. You might start criticizing the other party, or lashing out at the wrong people for no reason. Here is the rule of thumb, if someone needs an answer right away and they can't accept it when you say, "let me think about it". Odds are it's not in your best interest. You have to get in tune with your motives. If you are doing it so people will like you-- the results will never end up going your way. Most of the time we are being manipulated and not given the whole scenario of what we are committing too.

The other kind of "thinking" is when we spend too much time thinking about something we need to take action on. Usually this decision is about an investment in you. It could be your health, relationship, finances, or work. After awhile you sit on it so long that you have a whole list of "why" you CAN'T do it. One of my favorite tag lines is from the company Nike "Just Do It". If you allow yourself to start festering in your thinking, you won't do it. If you can allow yourself to just jump in headfirst odds are you'll be proud of yourself for doing it.

The power of thought is one of the most power tools we are given as human beings. You get to choose how much you think, when you want to think and how you are going to think about it. Thinking can be an asset and a liability, but only YOU can make that decision. It's amazing to realize we have more power over our lives then we thought. What a concept, right?

Author's Bio: 

Jodi Michele Cooley is an International Inspirational Speaker, Coach and trainer. She is the CEO of Life Investments Inc. and the Creator of the Feel It Thru Method.