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It's all a matter of perspective and imagination. Have you ever dreamed up an idea and then seen someone come up with your idea in the form of a new invention or service and get credit for a brilliant new discovery?

Everything from submarines to airplanes have been dreamed up and written about as fantasy before they became part of our reality. What does this teach us about fantasizing about things? Is it just a form of presenting new discoveries before they become functionally possible or practical?

Maybe our imaginations are outstripping our ability to perform so we have to create new concepts in the form of fantasy before we can express them as new realities. Maybe we have to write about it before we can live it. Maybe we are living it already and do not know that what we write is not fantasy, but the real thing.

Perhaps the discovery of new dimensions, or time travel is going to be part of our new reality at some time in the future. There are some who believe that if you can imagine it someone someday will make it happen, or it already exists and we haven’t developed sufficiently as a society to see it and understand the reality of it.

Is God always by our side? Does the devil really exist? Are there aliens in our midst? Can we travel into the future, or go back to change the past without destroying the fragile fabric of our culture, and our world?

There are so many things to conceive of. How do we know they have all not been thought of before? How do we know they are not just fantasy, but instead a new reality we cannot yet comprehend?

When does our imagination run so wild that projecting the fantasy it creates becomes impossible to confirm as real? When will we have answers to our questions? When will we experience a sense of peace and wellbeing?

How can we learn to translate the fleeting thoughts of new worlds and concepts into the actuality of multiple layers of existence and uncharted universes? When does one man's fantasy become another person's reality? How do you really know what is real and what is not?

How will we know the difference? How will we know whether we are dreaming and fantasizing, or really experiencing the product of our imagination? How will we know when what we think and do is the real thing?

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