Essential oils obtain practically the infinite list of applications which include exterminating depressing, stress as well as anxiety relying on the kind of the oil. However, the most important thing to note is whether you want to improve your mood or support your overall well – being, the best therapy is to reduce stress.

For centuries, aromatherapy has become one of the most effective and useful therapy to adopt in order to soothe stress, reduce depression and improve overall well – being. It provides you natural as well as organic to pharmaceutical methods that are able to enhance lifestyle modifications which subsequently mitigate stress. Massive stress may lead to digestive issues, wreak havoc effect to the immunity as well as increase the risk of getting heart attacks. Moreover, it can also influence your blood sugar amount which may lead to hunger and insulin insensitivity. If not treated properly, depression and stress can cause premature aging, weight gain and pain.

So here are some essential oils that you may take into consideration.


Frankincense is one of the most used types of essential oils in aromatherapy. It is well – known to relieve pain, improve the immune system, reduce inflammation and especially ward of chronic depression and anxiety.

This essential oil will create the peaceful and anti – relaxant feeling. In aromatherapy, frankincense should be inhaled or diffused to reduce anxiety, stress as well as anger. Moreover it can also be used to reduce heart rate and mitigate the blood pressure, blood sugar levels without carrying any negative side effects.


Lavender is another significant essential oil thanks to its incredible ability to treat many issues. The oil is best known for its relaxing and calming effect which is considered as a “nervous system restorative”. In addition, the essential oil is known to promote inner peace, boost sleep, and mitigate depression, anxiety as well as panic attacks and other nervous tensions.

Moreover, using oral lavender essential oil under supplements form can significantly reduce heat rate fluctuations and mitigate stress as well as chronic depression. However, it is not recommended to use lavender essential oil orally.


Sandalwood is popular in cosmetic and perfumery aspects. However, it is also known to possess soothing and healing properties which are excellent at calming effects. It can be used to help in yoga and other meditations as well and it is also good at strengthening the immune system.

In case you are experiencing depression from studying or working, sandalwood essential oil will be impeccable to use in order to achieve calm and relaxing sensation as well as improve memory and concentration.


Chamomile tea can be ranked as one of the most used beverages to achieve relaxant and calming sensation. No doubt that the essential oil from chamomile will not provide less health benefits, only more. Not only does it offer you relaxing and calming sensation, but it also can mitigate anxiety as well as exterminate lingering anger.

A calming scent from chamomile essential oil will boost your internal harmony while decreasing irritation, frequency of overthinking and anxiety.


Bergamot essential oil offers you a sweet and beautiful citrus scent as well as a distinctive aroma which enables it to be celebrated for the utilization in perfumes. (This is the main ingredient to produce the original 4711 Eau De Cologne which manufactured by Johann Maria Farina in early 18th-century Germany). Additionally, it is also well known for its incredible antibacterial, antiseptic, analgesic as well as soothing relief which enable it to be extremely useful for various physical and mental health especially reducing the anxiety and depression.

Also, the bergamot oil is known to possess calming properties which are useful in exterminating insomnia, inducing relaxant feeling and mitigating agitation so the patient may get to a better sleep while achieving an inner energy boost to uplift the mood.


Ylang Ylang is an essential oil which is best known for its aphrodisiac effects and its calming and mental – health stimulating properties. It aids in mitigating fears, boosting optimism and calming the body. In addition, it is excessively useful for those victims suffering from insomnia, fatigue as well as other side effects induced by utilization of anger – related – depression medications. By inhaling the vapor/steam from this essential oil, your blood circulation and blood pressure will be well regulated.

However, in case you are experiencing low blood pressure, you should consult your doctor before using ylang ylang oil to block potentially negative side effects.


Valerian is best known for its incredible capacity to induce a better sleep at night. Its outstanding ability of relieving depression symptoms and stress – related diseases enables it to be one of the most effective essential oil to be adopted in aromatherapy. Since valerian consists of valerenol as well as valerenic acids which work as anti – anxiety medications, it can be used to relive anxiety symptoms in insomnia victims.


Rose oil is well known for its ability to promote confidence, self – esteem, boost mental strength, and exterminate stress as well as depression or panic attacks. It is greatly used in in aromatherapy for healing broken heart, promoting positive thoughts as well as joy and happiness.


Vetiver essential oil which is also called khus oil, possess a worthy fragrance (similar to patchouli). It has been proven to possess calming, grounding and stabilizing properties which are great for treating trauma. As for nervous system tonic, it mitigates the jittery feeling and cures panic attacks as well.


Jasmine essential oil is another effective method to treat stress and depressing. Moreover, it can uplift your mood and alleviate depression. For centuries, it has been used as a natural method to treat anxiety, stress, depression, low libido, emotional stress as well as insomnia.

Thanks to its positive influences on the neural system and nervous system, using jasmine oil in aromatherapy or invading the skin will have a great impact on many processes such as heart rate, stress reaction, alertness, body temperature, breathing as well as blood pressure.


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