In the age of social media, every brand is trying to find ways to reach out to its target audience. With talking and texting becoming obsolete, brands have shifted their focus on alternate methods of communication. WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging applications in the world.

With over 1 billion users monthly and over 200 million active users daily, this app has the power to reach out to a large number of people in no time.

Combining more than a billion users with amazing features makes this app highly attractive for businesses that want to market their products or services directly to potential customers.

There are lots of opportunities for marketers today, but you need to know how best you can leverage DYOWA WhatsApp for your business. Here are our top five tips for using DYOWA WhatsApp:

1.     Don't send too many DYOWA WhatsApp Messages at once.

It can be tempting to bomb your customer with DYOWA WhatsApp messages, but resist the urge. You don't want to annoy your customers by sending too many ads. Not only that but you might even violate the terms and conditions of using the app.

Unfortunately, there isn't a specific rule on how many ads you can send; the only rule is that you should not annoy the customers. If you send too many ads, the customers will start marking your messages as spam, and their push notifications will be turned off.

That means you've lost a valuable chance to reach out to your customers. If you can, try sending one or two ads per day. Try to send your ads at different times of the day, so the customers don't get irritated with your constant ads.

If you find that customers are not responding to your ads, you might want to consider trying a different time to send your ads.

2.     Use relevant images for your DYOWA WhatsApp Ads

The images you use in your ads are very important. The images should be relevant to your product or service and should also reflect the brand's personality. If the images don't fit these descriptions, then you should definitely change them.

If your product is related to health and wellness, you might want to use images of plants and water, which are good for the health. If you are selling luxury products, you might want to use images of yachts, luxury cars and sunsets, which show luxurious living.

You need to remember that the images you use in your ads are the first thing that your customers will see; therefore, you want them to be very attractive.

If you are not sure what images to use, you can ask your customers what images they associate with your product or service. You can also do some research online and find images that are related to your product or service.

3.     Make your Brand Stand Out With Colour

When you are creating an ad on WhatsApp, you are allowed to use colours. The colours you select can make your ad stand out from the other ads and make it more attractive to your customers.

You can use colours in your images, but you should be careful not to use too much colour. If there is too much colour in the image, it might seem to be tacky.

If you are not sure what colours to use, you can look at the colour associations of your brand and products. By using the right colours, you can make your ads more attractive to your customers and make your brand stand out from the rest of the ads.

4.     Write a Catchy Description for your DYOWA WhatsApp Ad

The description of your ad is an opportunity for you to sell your product or service directly to your customers. You can use the description to your advantage and make an offer, describe your product or service or even ask for feedback from your customers.

The description of your ad should be short and catchy. You don't want to write a long description since the customers are supposed to read your description for less than a few seconds. If your description is short and catchy, your customers will be more likely to click on your ad.


The WhatsApp platform is a great opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers on a personal level and drive sales. However, creating an effective WhatsApp marketing campaign isn't easy.

If done incorrectly, your campaign could turn customers away and have a negative effect on your business. With these top five tips, you can be sure to create an effective WhatsApp marketing campaign that drives sales and engages your customers.

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