Do you think your partner is having an affair? Then do not panic and do not try to find out the truth from him. But instead try to analyze in detail his gestures and actions and look for infidelity signs. If you get angry and make a scene this will not solve anything, but if you manage to collect enough evidence than you can show him that you know about his affair then he wouldn't be able to deny the infidelity signs.

Here are 5 obvious infidelity signs that should arouse your suspicions:

1. Your partner is more attentive with you and he is bringing you flowers and gifts. It is likely that those gifts are not from love but to be actually a form in which he apologized himself and one of those obvious infidelity signs. Your boyfriend or your husband feels guilty for the affair and therefore it is trying to make up by buying you something.

2. Whenever you two have a fight or just some conflicting opinions, your partner is threatening about breaking up with you or talking about the end of your relationship. He uses phrases like: "What would you do if our relationship ends?", or "If we break up I will still love you, what about you?" these are obvious infidelity signs and that he is already thinking about breaking up with you.

3. Your partner's behavior is increasingly changing. He passes from one state to another. The main problem that cheating people have to face is that they don't have the capacity to remain stable in both relationships and can not hide all the infidelity signs.

4. Your partner is acting so distant with you that you don't know if you two are together anymore. He stopped talking to you like you used to before, you don't make plans together anymore and you almost don't know anything about his work or entourage. The best way to deal with this is to have a serious talk about this situation and discuss about the infidelity signs that you saw.

5. Your partner tastes have suddenly changed. Until yesterday he loved wearing jeans and shirts but now he only wears costumes. He is becoming more interested in his looks and give more attention to cosmetics and perfumes. This may be a normal change in his behavior but also he may be trying to impress another woman so you must be careful if you see this infidelity signs.

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