1.No work is small or big.
Lord Krishna says that no work is small or big. Every work should be treated equally. Lord Krishna says that any goal can be achieved when you do every job with hard work and discipline.

2. Always be Humble.
Lord Krishna says a person should always be patient and humble. People should treat and greet other people humbly. Everyone should be down to earth.

3. Do what you love.
Krishna says everyone gets life only once. So he should always follow his passion and do what you love. Because when you follow your passion and do what you love, you obviously will be good at that work. Never give up what you love to do.

4. Always help other people.
Service to people is service done to god. Many people would disagree on this, but this is the ultimate truth. When you are helping other people, you are helping yourself.

5. Have one true friend in your life.
Lord Krishna says in your life you should have one friend with whom you can share all your feeling, whether it's good or bad. So when you communicate with that one friend, your mind becomes fresh. Lord Krishna says friendships should be treated equally whether he is poor or rich. When you have one genuine friend, you can learn a lot from him.

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