Even solid relationships can face this situation at one time, of having to deal with surviving an affair after one of the partner cheated. Curiosity, desire, temptation, many people find it difficult to deny that "something else ". When other people come into their lives, a simple affair can turn into a relationship drama. What to do?

Following a study in America, it appears that up to one quarter of people who break up because of the betrayal of the other one, are suffering for a long time, finding it difficult to return to the solitary life rhythm and also surviving an affair looks very hard to achieve.

However, with the support of psychotherapists, family and friends, recovery can be transformed into hope. For some, an affair is too much and decide to give up the relationship forever. Others choose to forgive and give a second chance to their lover.

1.You must realize that there will be many ups and downs after an affair. And surviving an affair can be a very difficult process. The road to recovery is often difficult and is good to know that you need all the support you can get.

2.The person who had the affair must be open and receptive to dialogue, especially if the partner wants to talk about betrayal. Try talking with your partner to clarify things, to find out why the one who cheats needed an experience with another person.

3. The person who committed infidelity, must understand that for a long period of time must always say where they are and what are they doing and this is what makes for a partner to help regain the lost confidence and surviving an affair becomes easier.

4.The one who cheated must realize that making solid promises and taking commitments are the best way for surviving an affair and most of all respecting those promises. Only so you can restore the lost trust.

5.The cheater will need some time to understand what to expect from the relationship and if another affair can appear in the future. Nobody is asking for guarantees, but since there are other persons involved is good to know how things are.

6. If the partners decide to stay together, they should be aware that both take the responsibility to rebuild their relationship, so that each will have well-established role in this process. Thus, it is advisable to discuss terms of understanding and to establish their contribution because this is an effective way for surviving an affair.

7. If necessary, seek professional help with confidence. Necessarily together. Eventually, the couple's infidelity is a dilemma that must be solved in a short time after the affair because with time it will be much harder to rebuild the trust and the relationship.

There are effective ways for surviving an affair, that includes counseling, couple therapy and professional guidance is needed for the relationship to withstand all the setbacks.

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