You can’t afford to run any video offline easily. And what if you go out of the network? As no-one can afford free WiFi every time anywhere. So, for the same, we need to save those videos offline. By downloading them you can watch that video anytime and without spending net more over the same video again and again. Some of the best YouTube Video Downloader online websites are listed below -

1. Free YouTube2video Converter-

Following are the steps to convert:

* Copy the link of your video song from YouTube.

* Now, the same link in the input URL.

* Press the Convert video button.

* Your video will be redirected to the Convert page.

And your video is downloaded!

It is helpful for Windows, Android, & mac OS well. You can access this converter through your PC or mobile phone as well. Benefits for using this are that besides YouTube2Video allow users to download video songs or any video from other applications also like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

2. Savefromnet -

Following are the steps to download from this:

* Type ‘savefromnet’ on Google search.

* Copy the URL of your video song you want to download and paste it into input search.

* Click on the download button and wait until it is downloaded.

And, your video is downloaded!

3. Online video converter -

You can follow the same steps as in savefromnet to download video songs i.e.:

* Search online video converter on Google.

* Input your copied URL of song and input that in input search.

* Click download and wait till it is downloaded.

Your video song is downloaded!

4. Clipboard Converter -

Following are the steps through which you can download video songs from


* Search clip converter on Google search.

* You can open another tab so that you can copy the song link from YouTube.

* Paste the copied link and choose the file format in which you want to download.

* Click the download button and wait until it is finished.

Go watch/listen to your downloaded song!!

5. -

Following are the steps through which you can download video songs from

* Type on Google.

* Paste the copied link in the search URL.

* Click the download button and wait until it is downloaded.

It is a user-friendly site.

And your video song is downloaded.

Go watch and enjoy it!

These are some of the best ways to download video songs. It is helpful in many ways as:

• It saves time.

• It reduces net consumption.

• It provides the best quality.

• It provides offline streaming.

• It can be used in any device like phones, tablets, etc.

• It can be converted into MP3, MP4, AVI formats.

• It can download videos from YouTube to MP3, MP4, AVI, MPEG, WAV, etc video formats.

There are variety of online stores available that will help you out regarding these downloads. Only you are one who can decide what’s best for your device and how you can access them. So choose best for your device.

Author's Bio: 

I work for a website called YouTube2Video. It is a free website to convert & download unlimited videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, easily & absolutely free. It is simple & easy to use.