There is almost nothing that Australia does not have, some of the best educational institutions, a world-class education system, mesmerizing and scenic beaches, stunning rainforests, and an enviable lifestyle. All these make Australia much more than just Koalas and Kangaroos. Now, more and more Indian students are opting for this beautiful country as their study abroad destination for its high-quality education and globally accepted degrees. Whatever course you choose to study, you will rest assured of outstanding academic excellence and unbeatable support services for international students.

But why are students picking this country as their preferred destination and what are the reasons for the increasing number of international students each year? When you ask this to any study in Australia consultants, they will give you the reasons mentioned below:

1. Diversity of International Students: No matter which country you belong to, you will never find it difficult to have people from your homeland. Australia is 3rd most popular country after the UK and the USA in terms of the total number of overseas students coming here for educational purposes. Australian universities and colleges welcome international students with open arms and provide them with tailored programs and services to help them have the best time while studying in Australia.

2. Globally Recognized Degrees: Even though Australia is a small country, it is home to some of the finest research universities in the world. They offer amazing programs in subject areas like engineering, technology, mathematics, wildlife, chemistry, healthcare, nursing, and much more. Additionally, degrees obtained here are globally accepted. All these make studying in Australia an invaluable addition to the professional resume of a student.

3. Extensive Range of Courses: In Australia, there are more than 40 universities and each of them provides students with varied and vast opportunities to study a range of uniquely designed courses across subjects. For instance, the Australian National University has staggering over 700 possible course combinations. It means that students can choose their preferred major as well as they will have opportunities to broaden their spectrum of learning by going with offbeat courses.

4. No Language Barriers: Choosing a country where English is not the first language can throw up countless challenges for international students. Even simple tasks such as asking for directions or buying grocery items could be an ordeal for international students. However, this is not a case in Australia as English is used as the primary language for communication and other works. But yes, it will take some time to pick up the nuances of 'famous' Australian slang.

5. Countless Activities to Enjoy: For students who love exploring the outdoors, this country offers endless options to choose from. Ample outdoor adventures and activities are waiting for them if they want to spend some time away from the hectic schedule. Students can visit the famous Kangaroo Island and hobnob with kangaroos, experience snorkeling, scuba diving, and swim with colorful fishes under the famous Great Barrier Reef. Along with these, there are so many world-class art centers and museums along with the renowned Sydney Opera House to spend some quality time.


Convinced by these reasons for choosing Australia for your further studies? If yes, then you can get in touch with a reliable Australia education consultant to know more about the country, universities, courses, admission and study visa processes, part-time work opportunities, post-study work permit, and more.

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Geeta Pundir is associated with APSA is certified overseas education consultants in India, thats help students to study overseas in Australia, USA, Canada, UK & New Zealand.