Actors and actresses are just regular people with ups and downs. Some are insecure, some depressed, some are even alcoholics or drug addicts. Some even have serious psychological issues like kleptomania. A person who has kleptomania steals objects for personal use or monetary benefit. The act of theft makes a kleptomaniac feel pleasure or relief. There are some famous actresses in recent history who are also known for their infamous acts of theft. According to Lindsay Lohan, Farrah Fawcett and Winona Ryder are some of the top celebrity offenders.

Actress and musician Linday Lohan who has been in and out of rehab since 2007 was caught on camera stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store. She claimed that the necklace was taken out on loan from a Venice, California jewelry . However, the store has no record of loaning her such jewelry and denied this statement. As punishment, she was sent to jail and stayed there for 120 days which was then replaced by house arrest. She was also asked to do community service.

Before she was cast in Charlie's Angels, Farrah Fawcett known to be a pin-up icon in the 1970's, was also caught shoplifting at two different boutiques. The actress explained she wasn't satisfied with the stores' return policies so she took the situation into her own hands and exchanged the damaged merchandise herself. She was later fined almost $400 dollars from both stores. This led to unwanted attention and embarrassment on her part.

The worst was probably Winona Ryder who was caught stealing thousands worth of merchandise and jewelry. Who would have thought that the Oscar-nominated actress would steal $5,500 worth of merchandise from a store? She explained that she only did it in preparation for a role in a movie. She insisted of having the intention of paying for it afterwards. Her reasons proved inexcusable in the court of law and she was convicted of grand theft felony and vandalism. She had to pay the store $6,355 and was then sentenced to three years of probation. She was also asked to undergo psychological and drug counseling. Years after the incident, she explains that she was in a time of confusion during the scandal because she was taking painkillers for a broken elbow. Just recently, she was again caught stealing $124,000 worth of Bulgari jewel from a magazine photo shoot which didn't lead to any charges. In her case, her desire to steal has not been resolved.

These celebrities did not only pay for charges and fines, but also had their reputations scarred. These actresses are well-off and they certainly did not steal due to lack of funds. In each case, the thieves psychological state was impaired and negatively affected her behavior. It might be fun for the average person to hear these kind of inflammatory stories, but the bottom line is serious. These actresses and others like them would benefit from online theft prevention classes. These courses are a fast and easy way to get help for those who have a hard time seeking counsel in their areas either because they high profile and do not want to be seen going in and out of a public class, or for convenience sake. These classes teach skills to help alter behavior and control impulses so that the person does not commit the same act of theft again. If you feel like you have a shoplifting addiction like these actresses then online theft classes are a good preventative measure for you!

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