The process of launching an effective link building campaign is not as relevant as the time required for it to be effective and efficient. There are many options regarding backlinks and what is most effective and what is most efficient in achieving top ranking among major search engines. As an established SEO company with over a decade of experience, we've really seen it all. We have also seen many SEO companies fall by the wayside unable to adapt and adjust to an ever-changing internet marketing environment.

As a result of these experiences, and in light of recent changes in the field of Search Engine Optimization, we felt it would be a good time to revisit time-tested methods that are worth their weight in gold when it comes to building links. . We will cover the most innovative and creative link building trends impacting the SEO field very soon in another article. For now, this list of references will help those who are unsure of how to start and follow a link building campaign in today's internet marketing environment.

Write and Publish Articles: Although the Google Panda / Farmer algorithm update has drawn a lot of attention to the negative effects of article publishing, the process still plays a huge role in a backlink campaign when done correctly. Article submission is one of the truly original and acceptable practices for generating high-quality return links and traffic to any property on the Internet. And while it's been the subject of a lot of criticism recently, content drives search engines, and fresh, original, and relevant content is exactly what search engines want and need to provide a seemingly growing appetite. Insatiable for new information on the Internet.

At your fingertips, information is the name of the game. Therefore, article syndication is still a valid and respected way to create backlinks from high PR websites. In recent years it has definitely changed and will continue to mature. Ultimately, people want and need information on a variety of very complex topics. The fastest way to provide this information is to generate a relevant topic on any given topic and distribute that research through an article publishing site. The article distribution rules have definitely changed (in my opinion for the better) but there is no doubt that the overall benefits to the author remain the same.

Outbound links to other relevant Internet properties: One aspect of SEO that many overlook is the value of an outbound link. Outbound links, without a doubt, should be considered the most valuable product of any Internet property. Outbound links must be weighed and measured with great scrutiny. However, if your website lacks outbound links within the content, there is a problem. From the psychology of a search engine, an outbound link serves as a footnote to corroborate the research you have provided for your content (similar to an author footnote in a thesis or book). Outbound links lend authority to your content, lend credibility to your original independent research, and serve as a reference for all work done in the past to support your arguments and conclusions.

3. Social Media Profiles - As one of the biggest trends in recent internet marketing, social media profiles are part of a "must-have" internet marketing arsenal. Create and manage your social media profiles weekly, if not every day.

Blog Comments - Blog comments, while not maintaining the link content that they had before, is still a great way to get quality links to your site. Blog comments from .org and .gov sites can provide exceptional link quality if you can get them.

Guest blogging: Guest blogging is a great way to get two or three quality backlinks, as well as deep links to your site. The key to guest blogging is providing high quality original and relevant content to the site owner.

Directory submission: Directory submission, once again, has lost a lot of links over the course of the last few years. Despite this, it is still an important and valid way to get quality return links to your website. Submit your site to as many directories as possible.

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The process of launching an effective link building campaign is not as relevant as the time required for it to be effective and efficient.