Many homeowners are attracted to the robot lawn mower because it will enable them to have the manicured lawns that they desire without having to spend a large amount of time in the great outdoors. This is because these types of mowers, once switched on, will cut your grass by themselves, following a perimeter that the homeowner has pre-determined for them. Use these tips to help you determine whether you are making the right decision:

  • Lawn shape
    Just because your yard is not a perfect square or rectangle does not mean that a robotic lawn mower is not for you. In fact, most robotic mowers have been designed to handle odd-shaped blocks, as well as to maneuver around features like pools, tress, flowerbeds, poles, letterboxes and playground equipment.
  • Lawn size
    You are able to utilize a robotic lawn mower in yards that range from 100 square feet in size to ones that span 2 acres. If your property is even larger than this, some robotic models allow you to install multiple units on the one block, meaning that you can extend this cutting radius even further.
  • Hilly or flat?
    Not all robotic lawn mowers have been designed to handle steep hills or even gentle slopes, whereas other models have been specifically designed with this purpose in mind. Whether your lawn is hilly or flat will play a role in what type of robotic mower you will need.
  • Performance
    Some robotic lawn mowers will take only two and a half hours to charge, whereas other will take up to twenty-four. The cheaper models will generally only run for around an hour and a half before they need to be recharged, whereas the more expensive ones will be able to run for up to seven hours before going flat.
  • Features
    There are some high-end robotic lawn mowers that are able to detect how quickly your grass is growing and will adjust their schedules to mow the grass when it needs to. Most robotic mowers are fitted with a rain sensor that will pause sessions when it begins to rain.

If you can think of better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon or you simply do not have the time to mow your lawn, a robotic lawn mower is the ideal choice for you. By looking at the above areas before purchasing one of these mowers, you can ensure that you are making the right decision for your needs and that your lawn will remain well-groomed at all times of the year.

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