Technology has advanced immensely and this has made life easier and a lot more convenient for us. Smartphone’s have become more of a need these days and almost every person owns one. This advancement has also resulted in people becoming more laidback and lazy. Most people don’t find time for themselves and this puts their health at a risk. Luckily, mobile has some useful apps that can help you stay fit even when you’re on the go. If you’re looking for some of the most reliable apps on your mobile, then we’ve got the perfect list for you.

Good Food Near You

Good Food Near You is an app that's created by Global Fitness Media. This app is created keeping in mind the working class who usually land up eating wrong meals during lunch time. What this app does is it essentially tracks down some of the healthiest restaurants near you. You'll get complete access to the menu cards of the restaurants tracked down and you can check out the amount of calories you'll consume with the meal you plan on ordering. This app currently has over 220,000 US restaurants listed. You can check up for the closest restaurants that serve healthy food, filter meals based on the calories and choose a meal that has the lowest Carbs or calories and you can also advance your search by checking the nutritional value of the meal you ordered. This app is convenient to use and manages to efficiently navigate you to the restaurant of your choice by providing you with landmarks that can help you get there.

Interval Timer - Time For HIIT Training And Workouts

This app keeps a track of your work and rest timings during your workouts. No matter what kind of exercise you're into, this app works as the perfect interval tracker to tell you how effective your workout session was. You can set the app as per your workout session. Since this is a mobile app, you have the option of multitasking and the app will work even when the screen is locked. You can listen to your favorite music while using the app during your workout session and you can update your social media accounts using this app to let our friends know about your workout session.

Couch To 5k Running App, Training Coach and GPS Tracker
This is one of the best apps that can convert a couch potato to a fitness freak. The training plans on this app are by the best trainers who help you get into shape with the perfect routine. You can choose between 4 coaches and you can also hear audio cues that guide you better during your workout sessions. This app manages to track your workout sessions and you can repeat your best performances. Discover new places with the built in GPS support system. You can also calculate your performance on a treadmill.


Forget the calorie tracker; it's time to get complete nutrition information with the all new Nutritionist+. This app manages to provide you with tailored meal plans that blend in perfectly with your lifestyle. This app is a smart app that automatically adjusts your meals based on the feedback and results you provide. You don't need to have an internet connection for this app to run smoothly, it works fine offline. This app has the largest offline food database with over 800,000 food items for you to select from. You can also create your own recipes and save them online.

Productivity Wizard- Action Plan, Life Goal Setting, GTD Task List Habits, and Self Improvement Tools
We all need to set goals in order for us to achieve something and this app enables us to set realistic goals that we can achieve and a system that will help you to focus. This app comes with a number of effective tools that help enhance your performance and gives you the much desired motivation that you've been looking for. This app is easy to use, helps you create your own plans and manages to help you balance your daily routine with no problems at all.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

The worst part about any alarm clock is that it makes you get up with a jerk and this could lead to you suffering a heavy head and dizzy feeling long after you wake up. This app on the other hand ensures you wake up in the most relaxed manner. You’ll always wake up in a good mood with this alarm clock and believe it or not you’ll manage to do a lot more during the day just by waking up in a light mood. This app is the top paid app in a number of countries.

Fitness Builder

Working people find it tough to hit the gym and follow a regular exercise regime. If you’ve been looking for your personal trainer on your Smartphone, then the fitness builder is the idea app for you. It comes loaded with a number of exercises and images that can help you get in shape in the most efficient manner. You can filter the videos and images based on what part of your body you plan on focusing on. The Windows snipping tool also comes handy here. Instead of referring to the app every time you want to work out, take a screenshot with the help of the Windows snipping tool. This way you will be able to save on time and your mobile data. To learn how the snipping tool works, read this post here.

Fitness Buddy

Fitness buddy is another great app that enables you to follow an exercise routine that suits your body beat. This app is just like a personal trainer that provides you with the beat exercises that will help you work on various parts of your body and ensure you into shape in the right manner. This app provides you with over 1000+ exercises and several tailored work outs that enable you to get into shape. This app is user friendly and all the exercises are simple to understand and follow which is why this app is in great demand by a number of people all over the world.

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