Here are some of my Top Tips for Psychic Development!

Meditation & Inner Work

We are all very used to living in the physical world, meditation is considered boring by many people, and inner work is avoided because of the potential skeletons it uncovers but both are vital for psychic development. Meditation and inner work enable you to become more aware of the wonders of the energies of the Universe. When I first started to develop my psychic skills I would lie in bed at night, close my eyes, and start to observe my thoughts. In the end my brain would relax, and eventually I would still be conscious but in a deepened state, I could see an amazing array of colours and experience a pulsating feeling across my eyes. It was worth the wait. The beginning may be frustrating as you fall asleep, but with persistence the mind begins to open up.

Exploration & Experimentation

An important part of psychic development is to be unafraid of exploring. Even the most gifted psychics have a wrestle between their logical thoughts and deep insights at some point or another. It is healthy to experience the doubts of the logical mind because if we didn’t have this part of our psyche it would be difficult to discern between what is real and what is imagined. The logical mind does though get in the way when it is in full control and leaves little room for deep insights. The way to handle the balance is to introduce exploration in your life. Explore and experiment with your psychic gifts. When I was new to it all I had few people to practice on so I would improvise. My mother’s grumpy dog was experimented on with dowsing crystals, (it worked – he became less grumpy) I would sit on the train and look at auras, practicing how to see them, I had a horse at the time and I even practiced listening to him. One day I heard him say: ‘I need a wee’ I couldn’t believe it so I led him onto some grass to see if I heard correctly. Sure enough he had a wee.


Those with no real outcome in mind but who have a fascination with psychic development are the most promising psychics. The greatest thing you are up against when developing psychic skills is impatience. Your interest may have been aroused because of a psychic experience or a fascination with the ability to read people, you can’t blame yourself for wanting to get on with it. However, with great ability comes great responsibility if any of the parts are skipped past, psychic skills will be surface level only, and ultimately meaningless. Essentially everyone has a different way of experiencing psychic ability. There are no fixed ways, but being patient and exploring all avenues before declaring yourself an expert will give a fantastic and wholesome approach to yourself and others. Patience helps you to master your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses, it develops your confidence and skill in your psychic abilities.

Heidi Sawyer

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