Carpest are the most common choice when it comes to floor coverings. Carpets not only provide us with the soft ground but also enhances the interior decor. With their amazing colours and designs, any carpet can add beauty and elegance to the interior decor. Carpets are considered to be an integral and essential part of our home environment. Any problem with carpets can directly affect our health and home environment. The most common form of damage to any carpet is chronic stains. Stains can come from a variety of sources and leave a decolorised spot on the carpet. You should follow carpet stain removal asap to prevent damage and decolorisation. Ignoring carpet stain removal can leave a permanent mark on the carpet and can also compromise its hygiene. Simple stains can easily be treated and removed by detergent and water solution. But some tough stains can leave severe damage on the carpet if left untreated. Professional carpet cleaning services are needed to treat these complex and stubborn stains. Follow this blog to know more about some tough stains that require professional carpet cleaners.

Tough Carpet Stains that Require Professional Treatment

  • Oil Stains Or Grease stains
  • Oil stains can arise from accidental spilling of ketchup, mayonnaise, oils, body lotions and hair oil. Oil stains are considered very dangerous for any carpet installation. It is very difficult to get rid of oil stains using water and often these stains leave a permanent spot. Oil stains will trap a lot of dirt and dust which can permanently leave dark spots on the carpet. Dried oil stains are permanent and any self-treatment will worsen the carpet condition. Its highly suggested that you hi9re professional carpet cleaners for carpet oil stain removal asap.

  • Blood Stains
  • Although not very common a carpet can suffer bloodstains. Due to injury to any family member or a pet, blood can get spilled on the carpet. Blood is an organic fluid which contains many pigments, colors and chemicals as well. Leaving the bloodstain untreated can result in damage and deterioration. Dried blood stains will often leave a red or brown spot on the carpet. Also, blood and organic matter can further promote the growth of germs and compromise the hygiene of the carpet. Don't let blood stains stay on the carpet untreated, hire professionals asap for bloodstain removal.

  • Coffee Or Tea stains
  • Many people like to kickstart their days with a strong cup of caffeine or tea. Coffee or tea contains natural pigments and acidic content which when spilled don the carpet can leave a permanent stain. Sever spilling of coffee can permanently destroy any carpet’s appearance. As dried coffee and tea stains are untreatable, even by professional carpet cleaners. In case of coffee stains, you must treat it asap using a wet cloth and detergent. Hire professional carpet cleaners for the treatment of old and dried coffee stains on the carpet.

Professional Assistance

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