We’ve all heard of toxic people and how they can bring down our mood with little more than a snide word or a sneering glance. Of course, you can’t control them but maybe, just maybe, you can influence them in a positive manner while keeping yourself safe from their venom. Think of toxic people as a virus invading your space; luckily there are certain “medicines” you can use to combat this malady.

The Security Barrier

Toxic people send out waves of negative energy. But what if you could stop that energy in its tracks, before it reaches you – kind of like an antivirus shot? You can, simply by envisioning an impenetrable security barrier. You may not be able to avoid a personal confrontation with a toxic person, but with your security barrier firmly in place, his or her venom can’t do any damage.

Your security barrier is constructed from your own positive energy. Imagine it like a force field, invisible but highly effective as an antiviral inoculation. As the toxic person you are interacting with tries to invade your space and your psyche, picture their negative energy encountering your invisible shield and bouncing back.

Obviously, I’m not talking about a real security barrier. You don’t have to believe an imaginary shield will work, but it’s a lot of fun to picture yourself cocooned in a secure bubble! This makes you feel better and that in itself repels the negative energy of a toxic person.

Affirmative Power

Another prescription that works well in the fight against a toxic virus is focusing on something positive. Turn those positive affirmations into questions that you can ask yourself while dealing with a toxic person, bearing in mind that your brain is prone to answer the exact question you ask, either consciously or subconsciously – and that affects your behavior.

So when asking yourself a question such as, “Why must I always put up with this person’s company?” the answer is likely to put you in the path of the toxic person more frequently! If instead you rephrase that thought into a positive affirmation such as, “Can I influence this person to be in a better mood?” you might just find that you can make a constructive difference. At the very least, the way the toxic person interacts with you will shift.

The Prism Effect

Most of us are very open, inviting anyone’s energy – good or bad – into our psyches. But what if you changed that concept and imagined yourself as a prism; only certain, white types of light can enter while the darker rays are deflected off one of the angles. So venom from toxic people won’t get very far; dangerous energy will hit a barrier and bounce harmlessly into space.

By the same token, you can use your own positive energy to influence the toxic person. Your glowing light can be aimed outward and directed at the person in a bad mood. In some instances you just may be able to make a real difference by radiating powerful, positive energy beams that are subconsciously picked up by the other person.

Toxic people are everywhere and it’s nearly impossible to avoid them. It’s also very difficult to keep an upbeat attitude when you are forced to deal with a naysayer who finds the negative in everything. Use the above “prescriptions” to stay healthy and stop the virus of a toxic person right in its tracks. Go ahead and try it for yourself. Select at least one method and begin utilizing it on a regular basis. A month from now I’ll bet you see a very positive change!

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Lori Anne is an inspirational author, as well as a collaborative writer and life coach for the next generation of thought leaders who’re ready to transform even more lives. She’s the author of Who Am I? How to Answer the Single Most Important Question You’ll Ever ask, a self-coaching book, meditation guide and journal. She was the expert behind the Rediscover Yourself MAP™ program with Compass Coaching, and has published numerous articles. Get started with her FREE video series, Top 5 Secrets to Successfully Change Your Life, by visiting her website at www.LoritheChangeAgent.com.