A couple of years ago I was looking for a solution to dream a larger dream for myself. I had been to some self-help seminars and New Age fairs and I still needed to decide on an occupation. I wanted to be a counsellor or therapist of some kind but I did not see how I was going to be in a position to manage to return to school for psychology or even a healing modality and also handle my bills. Then I found that I could train to be a coach and at the same time receive all the therapeutic and inspiring benefits that I would at some point be giving my future clientele at the same time.

The attractive element about this specific ambition is the fact that when you train to become a coach you are not certified to practice until you have dealt along with your own issues and your emotional and intellectual blocks. You reinvent yourself as content, secure and with an efficient personality.

Throughout the training procedure you will need to discover how to be totally accountable for the choice which you create in life. Do you know how shocked I was to discover throughout my initiation into the world of life-coaching that I had chosen a lot of the miseries that had served to set me back in the past? One of the toughest things to do is to accept that you can choose to be happy. This kind of satisfaction originates from knowing you can choose the thoughts that form your feelings and thus enhance your perspective of life.

Numerous people will find that change will not come simply and I was once one of those people. I am not so sure that just going to a therapist would have had the same effect as a total immersion in the concepts of life-coaching did in the long run. Firstly I had to completely clear my psychological, intellectual and spiritual state of anything that could be projected onto a client and destroy the transformative process. Furthermore, the fact I was within a course that was coaching me to get a new profession kept me constantly challenged and questioning my ulterior motives, my intentions and my targets. Who knew that doing such work to help other people would result in such good change for myself? I converted from a desperate, trapped and lost individual into someone who was self-sufficient, courageous and focused on attaining positive, measurable results.

Prior to making the decision to become a coach I knew that I felt most accomplished when I was enabling other people and now I realize that I am genuinely having a positive impact on the lives of other people by applying verified, ethical principles towards helping others overcome their own blocks and be brave enough to make their dearest ambitions a real possibility!

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