What is the difference between CHANGE and Transformation? This question could have many answers and different perceptions of people can bring out different definitions. One way of looking at both these words and differentiating are – CHANGE could be temporary and reversible but Transformation is Permanent!

When a pupa becomes a butterfly, is it a change or a transformational effect? Definitely it is Transformation as it’s not reversible; the butterfly no way on earth would become a worm again!!!

Behavioral training’s transformational nature has always been a question and has been an area of concern for lots of organizations. Under stringent budgets and cost cutting scenario many organizations cut down on behavioral trainings as they are viewed as cost rather than an investment.

Knowledge and awareness shared by good trainers is truly valuable but the transformation in participants and employees is a question. Definitely a lot depends on the participants internally, their willingness, perceptions, beliefs, consistent effort and motivation, but these can be triggered with a process.

We at Cogniizant Transformation, as the name itself suggests (Conscious Transformation) focus on Transformational work rather than just mere feel good factor which anyways becomes a part of the process. All the behavioral programs like Leadership, Motivation, Relationship empowerment, team bonding and many more requires a complete shift in the mindset, perceptions and beliefs for the workshop to be effective!!

The workshop hence needs to focus on raising the awareness, use powerful questioning techniques for self realization and program the subconscious and unconscious of an individual. Our Signature program, The Radical Peak Performance exactly works in the same format.

Even though the workshop has a skeletal structure with very powerful transformational techniques and tools, it is completely customized understanding the company’s requirement. For the workshop to be transformational in nature, the business outcome and the learning outcome needs to be differentiated and understood which is exactly what we do for our workshops before it is customized.

The training delivery definitely brings about a paradigm shift with its high energy contents, eye opening concepts, breakthrough experiences like broken glass walk, rod bending from the neck and the fire walk which is beautifully driven with real life challenges and very powerful techniques which can be used lifelong.

The most integral part of the ‘Transformational Work’ begins post workshop to drive the learning! In short, the learning needs to be made a habit. Anything can be made into a habit, perceptual good or bad. What is needed is a proper strategy and follow-ups.

Whether we do a 4 hour session or a 3 day workshop, the powerful workshop clubbed with a very powerful follow up process/strategy is what makes a difference. Documenting the behavioral shift post training is also an integral part of the workshop and all put together brings about a transformational effect. This powerful intent and the right strategy make training programs an INVESTMENT rather than a Cost!!!

Author's Bio: 

Harrish Sairaman, founder and Lead Transformational Coach of Cogniizant Transformation, has years of varied experience and is today a recognized authority in the field of transformational solutions. A powerful orator, his expertise in the fields of Leadership, Motivation, Behavioral Sciences and Subconscious Transformation has enabled him to leverage holistic workshops.

Instilling values of ownership, passion and self belief woven with his inspiring talk, Harrish brings about amazing levels of transformation in the minds of masses, making an annual event, strategy meet, or goal setting meet a worthwhile unforgettable experience. As one of the most powerful speakers with genuine passion of transforming lives, Harrish leaves the participants with a burning desire, backed up with powerful beliefs, to excel in Life.