How to transform our fears, live a joyful life, and create our life dreams. Anything built out of fear is like building on sand, which of course is no foundation at all. Shirley shows us how to identify and release our fears, and in the process change our inner and outer worlds, one thought at a time.

Anything that is built on fear is like it is built on sand.

In our world today, it is extremely important to release and transform fear! When there is so much fear around us, you may ask yourself, "What is the importance of this, and how to do this?"

The importance of changing fear into trust is that it will change the way we see our life and how we live it.

When we live in fear we react out of fear and everything appears limited.

The shallow, tight feeling of fear affects the way we breathe, and even affects our immune systems. When our immune systems are depleted we invite physical challenges.

Our limited thoughts color the way we imagine our lives. For example, do you see the glass as half empty or half full? Our fearful thoughts draw to us exactly what we are most afraid of, so that is why this work is so important.

The first step to transforming our fears is to identify them.

Identify one of your fears.

Begin doing this by intuitively checking into your life like you would swing a pendulum. If you swing into a part of your life and you feel resistance, then you most likely are making a decision out of fear. If you then again try to swing into the same situation and the swing makes your heart feel open, then there is trust. If you find a place where fear is the foundation, then you need to let that fear go, because anything that is built on fear is like it is built on sand which of course is no foundation at all. It won’t stand firm in the newness. You cannot move forward and successfully build or create until you identify and release your fears.

So be willing to change the fearfulness into trust and limitlessness.

Embrace your fear.

One way to begin transforming your fear is to sit quietly and visualize that fear and bring it close to you. Whether it is a belief in your relationships, career, or health, remember that it is a part of you and is like an old friend. A good way to release that fear is to sit quietly and imagine you are by the sea. Bring in either a whale or dolphin to assist you in your relaxation. Let the fearfulness be released by using the whales and the dolphins. Use their energy to exchange your fear patterns. This is their greatest gift for you and to you. They will exchange your fear patterns quite joyfully, playfully. You don’t need to give your fear patterns to them, but you can bring the fear patterns to them for exchange: release them into the sea and be filled with their (the dolphins’ and the whales’) joyfulness, their limitlessness, and their fearlessness. You will see so clearly how this all works because they have it to give, and they want to give it.

That is their purpose—to give— and more and more of you will be drawn to their hearts because you are ready at last to give up what has really never been yours. You have worn that old fear from who knows when and how, and it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you no longer wear the fear, because it is like old clothes that no longer fit you. If they were never yours, then they don’t belong to you, and they don’t suit you.

Let go of things that no longer suit you, until you are more and more free and clear to play in the wind and the sand and the sun—until you are more and more free inside yourselves to just be who you are.

Be not afraid, for those who have filled you with limited fearful thoughts are around you in your everyday lives. As you know, you can always go out and find fear whenever you like. If you ask around long enough, you will find an answer that is filled with fear, and then you won’t take your next step. But you do not have to look for the fear, and you do not have to accept the fearful answer as yours.

Remember, without fear everything is available to you.

Stay firm in your commitment to joyfulness, and you will see things change around you that have never changed before. You will see—as you begin experiencing the end of old beliefs, the resolution of old conflicts, the tearing down of old structures where there is any foundation of fear—that they will be replaced in the essence of the new, and how joyful and light that will be.

Bridge of Light

When you find yourself with the feeling of the ultimate resistance or fear, bless that polarity, for that is given to you so you can work upon something inside yourself, something that can be changed and will shift your outer world. Take that fear, that polarity, those relationships, that old structure, whatever it is, and place it (them) on a Bridge of Light. You can do this with any part of your life, and you will receive support where resolution is needed.

As you change within yourself, you will help to change your world. Continue to clear and love yourself, and you will feel the depth of your world shift.

Remember. Joy is your Choice. Choose it!

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