Why use ANY travel journal? Why not just remember all the fun times on your vacation?

Because without one, you will arrive home, get back in your routines, and the memories of that fun, fun vacation will fade away - guaranteed! Within embarrassingly too few days or weeks after arriving home, your wonderful memories will have melted into one big fat faded adventure with just a title like New York or Paris or Oh Yes, Where Was I?

Deep down you sense the consequences, yet in today's high-speed world, why WOULD you be drawn to the old traditional, staid trip journal to use? You wouldn't, you aren't..you're normal.

Before we check out the difference between old style and new creative journals, let us tap into something...that you have a natural instinct that you need to capture highlights of your trip with your camera AND PEN. Real Life has taught you well.

Remember wishing to retrieve memories of fun trips..those moments when you put your index finger to your cheek as you mentally searched for details to bring the highlights into focus..and you couldn't remember them. Not then, not ever. Ouch!

What happened? In the moment of fun you swore to the world you would NEVER EVER FORGET this place, this place, these people..but you did.

That can be in the past: your future can be different. Experience and experience proves that reading just a few of words will immediately pop a moment-in-time back to life, in full color - as though you are there again. It is like magic, and it happens every time.

OK, so now you admit you want to, alright, need to, somehow-somewhere jot down short details at the time they happen or within hours, at the most. It is that somehow-somewhere that's been the challenge - for every time you consider buying a journal to take on a vacation, your mind screams out BORING.

Today you have an exciting option. There's a unique, new journal type to buy! When yourealize what makes "new" new, you will change that scream to an enthusiastic shout FINALLY! THIS WILL BE FUN, LET'S START PLANNING A TRIP!

Here are some differences in the journal you expect to see available and the newer style that will truly inspire you to save your travel memories:


* Predictable look
* No personalization of journal
* Harder slick paper
* Pages lined on both sides
* No blank pages for tickets, photos, mementos
* Calls for worthy ideas
* No inspiration evoked
* Pages cannot be moved
* Feels like an obligation
* No pen attached
* No way to attach mementos
* No way to store items
* Nothing to inspire creativity
* Photos destined to be buried in your computer


* Watercolor painting on covers draw you in
* You title the journal
* Softer texture paper
* Lined page only on right side
* Blank pages on left for your mementos, tickets, photos, photos
* Relaxed line spacing for writing down words
* Spontaneous creativity ignited in you
* Movable pages
* Feels like your best friend
* Perfect pen for perfect paper
* Pocket Page for collecting mementos
* Adhesive dots are included, ready to use
* Ideal for scrapbooking-on-the-go
* Photos go on CD, labeled and safely stored in Pocket Page

If you do not write down words to capture the highlights, later even your photos cannot bring back the memory filled to the brim with all the rich emotion that made that moment in your life so special. No more excuses..

On your next trip, when you have smiles in your heart, as well as on your face, capture why the moment is extraordinary & memorable the fun and easy way, using a creative travel journal.

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And, now that you see there is a easy way to capture your travel memories, to see a creative travel journal visit http://www.TravelLegacy.net.

Barbara Wirth is the writer of this article. Known as the Journal Sage, her belief is in the life-long value of writing down vacation moments in order to relive them again and again - any time we need relief from today's fast-paced world.

It is Magical to open a travel journal and be transported back to an extraordinary time in our life.

(c) Copyright - Barbara Wirth All Rights Reserved Worldwide