It is amazing how much you use your intuition as an administrative professional. You think that you only use it in your personal life, but you use it more each day in your career.

How often do you trust your intuition? What happens when you ignore that feeling? Some things seem too good to be true. However attractive or pleasing an individual or a situation may seem to be, something within you feels a little off. Trusting your intuition is trusting a collection of all your subconscious experiences.

As you grow, you accumulate knowledge through experiences and you begin to form patterns. Your brain then instinctively organizes these patterns into various blocks of information. Over time the brain creates more and more blocks and then stores them into your long-term memory. When you see a small detail of a familiar pattern, you instantly recognize the entire composition and that is what is regarded as a flash of intuition.

Why should you treat your intuition as a partner?

Your instincts can help you recognize real threats from imaginary ones.

We all have fears and it takes courage to rise above these fears and tune into our intuition. Unfortunately, a lot of people live their lives in constant fear and anxiety, they are always on high alert and they can hardly pick up the tinniest signals their instincts might be telling them about their surroundings.

Your intuition can help detect an illness early and save your life
Naturally, gut instincts come with physical feeling, for example a tightening of the chest or goose bumps. Other times, they give you warning signs of an illness that you need to investigate. Never ignore that feeling. Do not ignore that bump, that rash on your skin or that headache that comes and goes. Your body is a potent intuitive communicator that should never be ignored.

Your intuition can help you make knowledgeable decisions
Research shows that, the longer you ponder over a big a decision, the less satisfied you will be afterwards, than you would have been had you spent a lesser amount of time deciding and simply follow your gut. When you trust your intuition, you will be able to decide that you will be happy with at the end.

Treat your intuition as a partner, something you wake up with each morning. This way you will be able to detect a problem before it even occurs, you will know who to trust, and you will be able to make smarter choices and decisions. It will enable you to deal with day-to-day matters with ease.

Using your intuition in your career will help you both personally and professionally.

Author's Bio: 

Aimee Reese is a Certified Professional Coach and Administrative Professional Expert. Aimee has been in the corporate world for over 20 years and has successfully navigated high level executives to keep them organized, prepared and on task. Aimee has accomplished this by maintaining her self-confidence and staying positive in any stressful situation. Aimee coaches her clients to learn to put themselves first and reach their goals they have set for themselves. Aimee also helps other administrative professionals to grow and flourish in their chosen career path. Aimee lives in Tennessee with her husband Eric.