Several people are of the opinion that every ailment necessarily needs medication before it can be cured. This claim is never valid due to the fact that some ailment does not require only medication before you can manage. There are options for treatment that could be adopted for the treatment of ADHD. All possibilities are channelled towards improving their (children with ADHD) ability to concentrate and pay attention. The treatment option for ADHD should be towards attention management, but it should also be the one that would help reduce impulsive behaviour and annul it.  

There are medications used in the treatment of ADHD, and they are all stimulants except for vitamins that help cognition used in neuro-affective disorders. No doubt, these drugs are very useful, but the major setback that people face is the side effect that the drugs are capable of causing. This class of drugs may be too powerful for kids that are still in their developmental stage. However, medication is essential but not the only tool used in the treatment of ADHD. We cannot completely neglect the fact that children experience different improvements when they are placed on medications for ADHD. While some children show marked improvement, others struggle to show significant relief. 

You must take advice from a physician whenever you have a child with ADHD. There is research that children that have been placed on medication combined with other treatment have the tendency to show marked improvement. Any treatment option adopted should not be considered as the only method, even if it is promising at the time. If you have considered medication use, you need to monitor the child taking the medication, especially if the dosing needs to be done at regular intervals. There is no sense in using any medication without knowing its efficacy, what needs to be taken to improve its efficacy, or what needs to be removed.  

Your physician might see a need to tap the dose of the medication that has been in use; it is in your child's interest and not to cause any further damage. The influence of parents is significant in the Treatment of ADHD, and parent needs to make sure that children adhere to a healthy diet, involving in exercises that would help in brain development since the significant pathophysiology of ADHD cannot be complete without talking about the delayed developmental milestone in children with the condition. Physical activity has an immense impact on the brain, and it should be advised in any treatment. Other types of treatment that people have adopted are behavioural therapy and other non-pharmacological modes of treatment. 


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