Finding Happiness Begins with You

Can you remember playing hide and seek as a child? Looking around the place, searching for your friends? For many of us this game, which was so much fun playing, has never really ended. The game is still being played in our lives, only this time, the confined area before has extended to the entire world. Rather than looking behind trees and in the attic, we are now searching in things such as money, love, marriage, promotions, sex and so on. The relentless desire to find our friends has translated to an unending pursuit of happiness. Although the happiness we find seems to play the hide and seek game much better, we can however find it, if we change our approach to playing the game. Stop finding it in the wrong places,

Stop looking in the wrong places
You think by making a lot of money and acquiring the best things in life then you have truly found happiness. It is true money is very important in the life of anyone, but it is a means to an end and not the end itself.

The truth is you can have all the money in world and all the luxurious items it can buy but you will still discover that something is amiss. Have you wondered why the rich and wealthy celebrities still feel incomplete in their lives despite all the money and fame? This is because true happiness does not reside in these material things but in your inner self.

Happiness is not a physical thing you can buy, borrow or steal.
True happiness comes from within. It is the understanding that you have a peace of mind that nothing can take away from you. To find such happiness, you need to take actions that free you of the baggages weighing down on your mind. These baggages include past failures and mistakes, unforgiven persons and a whole lot on your mind you know you�ve never been free of.Understand that no one is perfect, mistakes are common so you wouldn�t let such mistakes create stress in your life. Counter the negative emotions created by seeing failures and mistakes as stepping stones in achieving life�s aims.

Remember, the greatest men of our time, tried many times, regardless of how much failure they encountered before they achieved success. Thomas Edison failed over 10,000 times before finding a way to light a bulb. He even stated that he had found 10,000 ways that do not work.

When you begin to find true happiness in your life, it produces meaning with a purpose that naturally infects people who come in contact with you because they can easily see it in you and share in your fulfilment. These people could be family, friends, co-workers and people you met from all walks of life. The growth and prosperity of these relationships depend majorly on you and then how you build on them.

To overcome fears and challenges that throw up all road blocks against you becoming truly happy in life, you need to unleash the power within you. The power is of a spiritual nature, and it is developed when you focus on thoughts that are positive and rewarding. When released, it creates a mental peace and joy from within that no amount of money or material possession could have provided. Only then would you have found true happiness in your life.

Finding happiness is not as difficult as many people would want you to believe. If you change your approach to how you seek happiness, you move yourself to a much better vantage point to locate it. When you stop looking to outside sources for happiness and redirecting your focus and energy to the proper places, it will quietly guide you to the place where happiness has always been like an untapped treasure waiting to be discovered. Within you!

To your success!

Your Friend and Coach,

Shaundra Connelly

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Shaundra Connelly is happily married, has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling and is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) life coach in Orlando, FL. Her passion is empowering, motivating and encouraging women to connect with their true inner-strength to acquire what they most desire. As a personal life coach and a NLP Practitioner, Shaundra can provide women with the tools they need to increase their self-confidence and build inner-strength to acquire their ideal relationship or individual goal.

As an experienced Central Florida Life Coach, Shaundra is dedicated to inspiring women to move past old hurts, improve their personal life and move toward a more positive future. She is a demonstrated leader, motivator, and communicator who has worked with those breaking addictive and damaging habits, struggling with low self-confidence and breaking destructive patterns that inhibit future relationship and individual success.