Your ability to achieve marketing success on the internet can be greatly enhanced by your own creative intelligence. By thinking outside the box you will be able to better distance yourself from the competition improving your chances of building a profitable business! This will require you to have confidence in your own ideas and the directions you take!

Here's a look at 3 ways trusting your own creative intelligence will benefit you when working online!

Avoid the Herd Mentality

Popular opinion is only important to heed if you're running for office, otherwise it is what it is, just opinions and as you know everybody has one! Following the crowd typically results in not only lots of competition but also pursuing ideas that have already run their course! Combining an existing idea with a little bit of your own creative intelligence can give you a whole new perspective, product or even niche! It's simply a matter of applying a little creativity, yes we all have it, and having the confidence to put it to the test. Watch the crowd and always try to avoid going in the same direction whenever possible since the competition will be less!

Ignore the Naysayers

Thinking outside the box will always present a new perspective and hopefully new possibilities as well! One thing about innovation however is that most people will obviously be unfamiliar with what you are proposing or presenting. This has a tendency to draw a negative reaction from many simply because it is something new! Understand that one thing human beings by and large seem to struggle with is change since it knocks them out of their comfort zone. Trusting your own ideas and abilities will help you tone out this negative sentiment that can undermine your self confidence and even keep you from trying! Pursue what you believe in, of course with a little research to help back up your ideas, and you will stand a much greater chance of building yourself a profitable business!

Cultivates & Nurtures Uniqueness

The more you put your own creative intelligence to work to more confidence you'll gain in using it! What this will result in is an increase a new ideas, a wider range of creative thinking and of course more new possibilities! Thinking outside the box now becomes more natural, like a second skin, and you are able to produce a greater uniqueness which serves to make you more competitive online! This is the key to establishing a profitable business that can produce you an income for a long time!

Achieving marketing success on the internet is as much a product of your own creative intelligence as it is your business sense! By thinking outside the box and trusting in the ideas you develop or directions you take can significantly reduce the competition you face! In fact having faith in your own thinking can also remove other needless hurdles, as discussed above, that can keep you from building a profitable business! None of this is to say you should ignore the advice of those who've succeeded before you but simply trust more in your own creative intelligence to lead you to successes online!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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