Oh goodness! If we are trying to figure something out, it is without a doubt that we are not releasing. What we are doing is asking the mind questions. Our questions are indicating that we haven’t been able to resolve something regarding an area of our lives. Our trying to figure something out is our holding in mind “not having” an answer. Therefore, we are allowing our ego to keep us from receiving better results.

Because we have the ability to discriminate through our releasing skills, we can easily move past any limitation and move into getting better results and having abundance. We know that if we are asking questions of the mind, that we don’t have an answer. This habit of trying to figure things out is how our ego gets us to pay attention to it. The ego uses its perceived power to persuade us to act a certain way. This perceived power is just FEAR. False Evidence Appearing to be Real… Perhaps, we may hear something like, “If you don’t figure this out, you’ll be sorry.” This threat is just a thought. Most likely it’s a program… Well that thought is something we put in and forgot that it’s there. In truth, the only thing we’ll be sorry for is missing the opportunity to let go of a limitation based on fear. Once we decide to face our fear, we are in courageousness. We are then able to see for ourselves what limiting thoughts we are holding in place and are able to release these thoughts.

When we begin releasing we learn to use tools in a different way. We learn to ask questions of our minds so that we can minimize and eliminate the figuring it out pattern. As we practice and become more comfortable with our releasing abilities, the second we become hootless on any topic, we are inviting abundance into our lives. When we let go of the wanting, abundance becomes available. By choosing to release is proving to our self that we can make changes and begin to get better results. As we let go of figuring it out and of the limitations we are holding in mind, we can see that it’s possible to have goodness in all areas of our life.

An example to explain this in a clearer way is to look at technology. Many of us use technology to assist us with important matters in our business and personal lives. Technology tools are certainly time-savers. Yes, technology is truly a wonderful tool — assuming we provide the correct data. When we are working within a software program or on the internet, we notice that neither the software nor the internet gets to make the final decision about what results we can have. These tools wait for us to identify (decide) what results we are looking for based on the information that we provide. For example if we are working in Excel, the software is configured to notify us if it doesn’t understand the formula that we entered. However, Excel doesn’t know or care if the formula or data that we entered was typed in error. With that in mind, if we include incorrect data within our spreadsheet, when we total up the results, we will still get a result. The internet works in the same way. For example, if we mis-spell words within an internet search request, we will still get plenty of results. Why… because the internet is configured to interpret our entry and provide us with a response. The internet looks at the data we provided in its search field and brings up information contained within its database that is similar in content to our request. The internet doesn’t care that we made a mistake nor does it try to punish us for our mis-spelling.

Technology is a time saver and it influences us in many ways. However, technology doesn’t decide for us that we are stuck with useless results because we mis-spelled a word. Technology also doesn’t decide that we are limited from getting better results by re-entering another choice. If we mis-spell a word within an internet search field or accidentally added incorrect data to an Excel spreadsheet, we know that we can easily go back and correct the error in order to get a better result. When we see the mistake, we correct it and move on. From these examples, we can clearly see it’s not a big deal to examine our thinking and correct it.

Our only mistake is listening to the ego. Let me repeat this. The only mistake we make is listening to the ego. Excel or Google doesn’t say, “Hey stupid, you made a mistake.” Chances are if these technology tools started cussing at us we would immediately turn off the volume. Well, when the ego acts up, notice these are your thoughts, and begin to send it some love. As a result of releasing, we now know that we aren’t stuck with the result of “I can’t!” Nor are we stuck with the result “Things will never change!”

Although the ego may not be able to provide calculations as quickly as Excel or pull up millions of results in just a few seconds as the internet does, the ego does have specific jobs. One of ego’s jobs is to record and playback our previous thoughts. The other function of the ego is to figure things out. Its job isn’t to decide for us what results we can have. We are only limited to the extent of what we decide for ourselves. By our making better choices eliminates our need to figure things out.

In conclusion, see for yourself that figuring things out doesn’t help you to get better results. When we are trying to figure something out, the only result that we get is frustration. Figuring something out is not a peaceful experience. Being loving is being at peace and effortless. So please take notice if you are trying to figure something out. Just by our being aware that we are beginning to figure something out is an opportunity for us to do something different. Be kind and loving and know that things will work out perfectly as a result of releasing. By discriminating and letting go of the figuring out habit, we see that there is nothing to figure out.

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Larry Crane has been teaching The Release® Technique to executives of Fortune 500 companies for years. He has personally trained businessmen, psychiatrists, psychologists, sports and entertainment celebrities, sales people, managers and housewives in the art of letting go of problems, emotions, stress and subconscious blocks that are holding people back from having total abundance and joy in their lives.

The Release Technique has been taught to over 100,000 graduates worldwide.

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