Turn Around Failing Marriage: Recently Married And Unhappy

"Is there anything I can do to save my marriage today?" Obviously you want to begin the process of healing your relationship with your spouse but perhaps you're unsure of where to start with that. It's understandable. It's overwhelming when you realize that the two of you are drifting further and further apart. Try as you might you can't find a way to connect with them again. Perhaps you're even nearing the point where you're ready to throw in the towel and just give in to the idea that you're destined for divorce. You're not. There are several things you can do now that will help lay the foundation for you and your spouse to rebuild the broken bond and get the marriage back into a loving and fulfilling place for both of you.

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Commit to being as honest as you possibly can if you're determined to get another chance with your spouse. Playing head games or resorting to being passive aggressive is not going to accomplish anything that is remotely positive. Many people believe that if they throw enough heavy handed hints their spouse's way that everything will change and the marriage will miraculously be saved. That won't happen. If you need your spouse to do something, tell them directly. If you're upset about something, make it clear to your spouse what it is and what they can do to remedy it. You have to be forthcoming and treat your marriage as an open book.

Remember back when you two first got together and you always saw fit to put your spouse's needs before your own? That's the mindset that you need to reclaim now. Over time resentment can overrun an otherwise strong and loving marriage. You may start to neglect your spouse out of spite. That has to change completely if you want the marriage to grow instead of fail. Beginning today make a strong effort to be kinder and more compassionate to your spouse. Tell him or her how much you value and need them. Then go out of your way to make their life easier. Even a small gesture can make a world of difference.

Someone has to make the first move when it comes to saving your relationship. Be the bigger and more mature person by taking that step. You'll be grateful you did when you feel closer to your spouse than you ever have before.

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You're wondering how to avoid a divorce. Your marriage is crumbling, isn't it? Try as you might you can't figure out exactly what to do to save it. Maybe you've talked to your partner about the state of your relationship or perhaps the two of you are just going through the motions, ignoring the fact that your relationship is quickly slipping into the abyss of divorce. It doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to give up. If you love your partner and you want your marriage to not only survive, but thrive, do something about it. You have the ability to change the future for both you and your spouse. You can stay together and live a life that is happier than either of you ever imagined.

Learning how to avoid a divorce has a great deal to do with facing your problems head on. We often shy away from talking to our spouse about what's troubling the marriage because we fear that we'll upset them and it will initiate a series of events that culminates in a huge fight. Feelings will inevitably be hurt and the two of you will be further apart than you are now. That's the very reason you do need to communicate but in a very specific way.

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You have to agree to let go of all of your resentments. Explain to your spouse that you're intent on rebuilding the marriage and you promise not to interrupt them when they're sharing their feelings. Then follow through with that. Listen carefully to what your spouse tells you about what they're feeling. Learn from it and make changes so they feel more connected to you. View their words as a life raft. If you use that knowledge effectively, the marriage can survive.

Now is the time for you to shift your priorities. If you and your spouse aren't devoting quality time to each other anymore, the relationship can't really grow. You need to start viewing your marriage as the most important thing in your life. Obviously, you can't just neglect your work or your children but just as you make time for them, you have to make time for your spouse. Schedule uninterrupted time for the two of you to do the things you enjoy. That might mean going out to dinner or perhaps settling onto the sofa after the children have gone to bed to watch a movie together. The key is to reconnect again. You have to get to know your spouse again if you want to avoid a divorce and ensure your relationship grows.

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"Please help me save my marriage!" Whenever a person is saying this, there's little else they can focus on. When the most important relationship you have is coming apart before your eyes, you're bound to feel helpless and confused. As tempting as it is to ignore the issues at hand and move forward with the belief that your love will conquer all, don't do it. By not addressing your issues, you're guaranteeing that eventually you'll end up divorced from your spouse. You need to take steps right now to ensure your marriage has the fighting chance it deserves.

There's an old saying about how talk is cheap. When it comes to saving your marriage, nothing could possibly be further from the truth. Talking is crucial to rebuilding any relationship and you and your spouse need to develop a new plan for communicating with one another. One of the main issues that married couples in crisis face is they get to a point where they can't have a level headed, productive conversation without it escalating into an argument. Nothing in your relationship will change unless the way you talk to each other changes.

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Work on developing a set of guidelines for communicating. You can set the tone by suggesting that you two set aside a block of time each day to talk uninterrupted. You also have to make it clear to your spouse that you're there for them anytime. Promise that you'll be more understanding and then follow through with that. You each have to make concessions and learning how to communicate more openly and honesty is one of them. Yes, it will take effort, but it's worth it.

Embracing your spouse's imperfections is another way you can make your marriage stronger. When a relationship begins to show signs of wear and tear, many couples fall into the pattern of focusing on the negative things about their partner. No one is perfect. If you continually only look at what you don't like about your spouse, that will overshadow the things you love. You can retrain your brain to only focus on the things you find appealing about your spouse. Push all those negative thoughts aside. You'll be amazed at what a difference it makes in how you feel about them. It will also set an example for your partner. Once they notice you being more accepting of them, they'll follow suit with you. That will definitely help to get your marriage back on balanced ground.

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Obviously anyone asking that question is worried that their relationship can't be saved. Marriage isn't easy and unfortunately no one spells that reality out for you before you walk down the aisle. Once the honeymoon is a distant memory and children and schedules rule the roost, you and your spouse may begin to feel like strangers. Life has a way of changing all of us and it's not unusual for a couple to wake up one day feeling as though they don't really know each other anymore. If you're concerned that there's no hope for your relationship but you do love your spouse still, you owe it to yourself and your family to try and save the marriage. You can do several things that will set the wheels in motion for the two of you to reconnect and rediscover why you committed to each other in the first place.

Even though, right now, it may feel like your marriage is over, if you still love your spouse, it's not. You have to believe that and move forward with a positive attitude. If you sulk around the house and fall into a deep depression because you believe the marriage is not salvageable, your spouse is going to head for the hills the first chance they get. That's because no one wants to spend their time on a partner who is negative. When you wake up tomorrow do so with an attitude that will blow your spouse away. Treat them as you did the day you two were married. Be affectionate, kind and above all else, be positive. Smile, laugh and share the energy that you feel. It will absolutely make a difference in your relationship and in the family as well.

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Start putting your spouse's needs above everyone else. This is challenging if the two of you have children who are dependent on you. However, you can certainly balance tending to their needs with addressing what your spouse needs as well. Your spouse has to feel as though they are the most important person in your world. This is fundamentally important for every marriage that works. You have to see your spouse for who they are. They are essentially the one person in the world who chose to spend their life with you. Make it a decision they will not regret.

One easy exercise that can make a tremendous difference in even the most challenging of marriages is to date your spouse again. This sounds silly given the fact that you two see each other for hours each day. Don't you miss the fun of planning a date and then heading out alone, together? Start by planning something simple. Maybe a dinner out or a trip to the movies to see the latest blockbuster would be fitting. Reach for your spouse's hand while you're out or surprise them with a kiss. Make them feel the same way they did when you two dated before you were married. They'll love you for the effort and they'll feel closer to you than they have in a very long time.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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