Subliminal perception and messages have been dated back in the old days of history. It has also been linked to the idea of mind control. When it comes to mind control, you will find out that there are number of people or individuals who are controlled without their knowledge. Simply, the act of mind control is taking place in their mind unaware. Actually, this is a perception that is beyond the level that can be understood.

Perception is also the idea where by individuals or group of people are controlled in such a way that they will end up acting in a manner that they cannot act or behave in their normal state.

There are two main ways through which individuals or groups of people can receive the effect of the subliminal perception and messages can be sent and directed to their unconscious mind. This is done in the form of the visual and the audio means.

It is believed back in the 5th century B.C that the Great fathers of Greek came up with the idea of creation of the rhetorical questions. By then, such questions were used as perfect channels through which people were influenced to behave in a certain way. This was achieved through infusing certain types of messages in drum of sentences. Such sentences were then manipulated through persuasion method so that the targeted individuals would then behave as intended. In addition to that, the language such people used was the tool for manipulation.

In case the pieces of messages that were in form of words, sentences or fragments were organized in a strategic manner and then listened by people, they would make them behave differently from their usual way. Most probably, the people who were aimed would be persuaded to change without even having a glimpse of what is happening to them.

There have been a number of research centers that has evolved from long time ago. Such research centers have done experiments on the subliminal perception. This has been made successful through the use of the social psychologists’ findings. Such findings have enabled the researchers to process information. The processed information has in turn led to improved subliminal messages. That means there has been effectiveness through the world of the subliminal perception. More scrutiny is being undertaken by the researchers to affirm that the mind control technique through the subliminal messages can be very effective and can do exactly as it is intended to do to those who are targeted.

However, among the top researchers, there is no information that has proved that the subliminal messages which can have influence to the behavior of people. The top researchers have continued to say that the whole system of the mind control is all about fabrication. Some researchers have approved the functionality of such methods while others did not. However, therefore other security bodies such as the CIA who have managed to use the mind control and subliminal perception so that they can gain control over the intelligence that they run.

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