Owning a turtle is one thing, and taking great care of it totally another different thing. Providing your turtle with excellent care is not all about purchasing a turtle tank but also having the perfect turtle tank accessories.

Giving your turtles freedom to roam around and throwing a few lettuce heads every other week is not enough to keep them healthy and happy. So how do you do it? Accessorize! Here are some of the top turtle tank accessories.

Basking Platforms and Turtle Topper

If you are looking to expand the living space of your turtle and provide it with a basking platform, then you need a turtle topper. Most of the toppers are designed to fit the standard turtle tanks. If you think you are handy enough, you can try building one, yourself. If you decide to go DIY, make sure you use materials that are not toxic and won’t injure your turtle.


This is one of the vital turtle tank accessories. There is no better way of keeping your tank water well-circulated and clean than using a great aquarium filter.Dirty water is one of the reasons why most aquatic turtles fall sick and investing in an excellent filtration system is prudent.


The water in the turtle tank should always be at the right and safe temperature. Yes, that’s right – it should be neither too warm nor too cold. Cold water could be one of the reasons why your turtle is getting sick, and hot water can be problematic as well.

Without a heater, your turtle tank water temperature can drop to certain unhealthy temperature levels such as during the winter. A great heater will keep the temperatures stable.


If your turtles are inside, you need to provide them with UV A and UV B light spectrums. This kind of light is the one present in sunlight, and it’s essential in keeping your turtle healthy and happy.

When installing the light into your tank, ensure that it is at the perfect height above the habitat – it can overheat the living space in case it is installed in the wrong way.Also, ensure that the light doesn’t have to pass through glass or plastic before reaching the turtles. UV B tends to deflect away when it hits the glass. Splash proof lights are not the best, too.

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning equipment is another essential turtle tank accessory. Purchasing such equipment will ensure that your maintenance and upkeep is way much easier. Typically, standard household cleaning equipment and supplies might not be effective and efficient. They might even have some toxic materials that might affect your turtles health-wise.

The recommended turtle tank cleaning equipment will help you ensure that the turtles’ living space is clean and free from diseases.

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