A scale model is actually a copy or representation of a smaller or larger element or object compared to its actual or original size. Mostly, it is a smaller representation and acts as a guide to the original object. Model range aircraft are a typical example. There are many reasons why a scale model. It serves as a prototype and is used to test the organism's performance in its initial developmental stages. Architects use it as a customer presentation model to rate and buy the real object. Sellers are using it to promote a new product.

Wood, plastic, and paper are generally used to create a scale model. Small-sized aircraft are of two types: fixed and plane. The first is generally made of plastic. However, metal, paper and wood also make good examples. Military and commercial aircraft are the most common models of this type. The number of fixed-type manufacturers has dwindled today compared to the 1970s, and the popular scales are 1: 144, 1:72 (the highest), 1:48, 1:32 and finally 1:24.

Stationary aircraft modeling includes tool assembly, scratch construction, and finally a set or set of ready-made models. When it comes to craftsmanship and skill, building a scratch deserves the highest reputation. Accuracy and attention to detail are important skills here and scratch builders take more time to collectors. Assemblers can either combine the materials in the box or take advantage of the additional items purchased to provide functionality and dimensions to the aircraft. Collectors, on the other hand, focus on the issue of the issue, not on personal construction.

Flight or "flying" models can be either free flight, control line, or wireless control. They are in fact a realistic representation of a complete plane. It can be built either from groups or from scratch. Some of these groups take too long to assemble and some are ready to fly or almost ready. Modeling aircraft models from a business perspective to a hobby. Although some people are not inclined to this area of ​​interest, there are many who have a passion for assembling model aircraft. airplane decals

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