Self esteem is a word that describes how you gauge your own self worth. If you have low self esteem it is likely you will underestimate your worth and settle for worse and less paying jobs, for romantic partners that are not your perfect match and will just generally have a lower quality of life.

Countless texts have been written about building self esteem. They work better for some people than they do for other. Let us go over some unconventional ways of gaining self esteem.

Body posture
The body is the reflection of the mind. The saying healthy mind – healthy body was not made out of thin air.

But your body does not have to be in perfect shape in order for you to gain more self esteem. What is important though is how you carry yourself.

People that are less confident usually slouch more, while people with a high sense of self worth stand tall and put their chests out.

The method fake it until you make it works with this method, so there is no reason in being conscious of your posture.

Voice projection
As we already discussed confident people have different body posture than those that don’t believe in their self worth as much.

But they also have stronger voices. Try to be louder than you are, when you talk to people talk clearly and look them directly in the eye. That shows confidence, and in turn also gives you confidence.

An act of kindness
An act of kindness each day is something that can really boost your self esteem. You are helping someone! Join a cause and become a volunteer to a cause you really care about. Don’t just donate money, rather actually put in the work to spread the awareness for the cause you care about.

There are few things in life that can make you as proud in yourself as can volunteering and knowing that you made someone’s day better.

Subliminal audio
Subliminal audio works by sending positive affirmations that you will not be able to disprove, as you will not hear them consciously.

On the other hand, your unconscious mind will be able to make perfect sense of the affirmations and you will slowly start changing your thoughts and start believing you are indeed a person of high self worth.

Make a fool of yourself
When you are at a safe place away from home do something silly to make a fool of yourself. For example starts dancing in the middle of the street of a city you don’t live in.

This will be a bit embarrassing for the moment, but will also give you a thrill. When the mind processes what has happened, you will realize that you did not die of embarrassment and your self esteem and confidence will be much higher as a result.

Practice any of these methods or better yet all combined to gain permanently high self esteem. You will likely not be cured in a day, but if you stick to at least one method for a month, two or three you are bound to notice huge changes when you reflect and look back at who you were and who you are today.

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Christopher Montrose is a part of the team at Subliminal MP3s. He has dedicated his life to helping people deal with all kinds of problems, like low self esteem or lack of confidence.

One of the ways he suggests people are able to gain higher self esteem is by the use of high self esteem subliminal audio mp3s.