I want to share with you a couple of my experiences with crystals. When I first started my spiritual learning I attended a class about crystals. The session leader was informative and provided a very comfortable environment but this was my first adventure into crystals and I still wasn’t sure what I believed. During a break several woman were looking at a crystal and making comments about how strong its energy was. I was offered a turn to feel it for myself. Well as you might guess, I didn’t feel anything and was beginning to think these people were maybe a little odd.

Over time I did get much better acquainted with crystals and as you become more open you will be able to feel the energy that the crystal gives off. Some crystals have very powerful energy fields so as your ability to perceive energy strengthens it is important to approach the crystal with caution. Very strong energy can cause a shock to you system and may cause you to feel unwell.

My other interesting experience with a crystal, that taught me a great deal, happened while I was meditating. I was living in the Northwest at the time, but felt a very strong pull to the Southwest. While I was meditating I was holding a Herkimer diamond (see picture below) in my hand. I had a vision of myself standing on a mountain top looking over the desert. At that moment the crystal broke into three pieces. That was a pretty strong affirmation that I needed to be in the Southwest.

As your experience grows it is common for certain crystals to reach out to you. You may have a feeling that shopping for crystals would be fun, or sometimes when in a crystal store you may gravitate to one special crystal. The crystal that is reaching out to you holds energy that would be good for you to work with. Crystals hold the information from throughout the ages and we have the ability to access that data. A modern day example is the man made crystals that are used in electronics to store volumes of information.

Crystals have much to share with us. Experiment with different kinds of crystals and experience the energy of each. Crystals can be our partners and help us to grow.

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Karen has been a healthcare professional and consultant for several decades. For the last 25 years, she has been dedicated to spiritual growth and learning to live with her spirit fully realized. She is assisted by a spiritual guide, in the angelic realms, called Madea. Karen has completed her first book Spiritual Novice, Begin the Journey and available her http://www.spiritualnovice.com/index.php#book. Karen also is available for personal spiritual coaching.