It’s no wonder that psychics get a bad wrap when it seems like nearly every portrayal of anyone with intuitive gifts is labeled in modern day media as crazy or delusional. The thing is everyone can be psychic; we all have moments of knowing something that we can’t possibly know otherwise. So, why is this perceived as such a strange thing, when it is something that we can all do?

Many of the reactions of psychics go back to a time when these gifts were often used to trick others, to try to fool them in some way, or used to exert power over them. However, this is not the motivation of any upstanding psychic. A psychic is there to give you insight into something that you might not be able to see for yourself. And, most of the time when people go to a psychic, they leave saying, “wow that’s what I felt/knew already, but now it is just confirmed for me.”

Most of the time people seek out a psychic to help them with a decision making process in their life. The psychic is not there to make choices for another, but they can provide information on what would be the results of those different choices.

None of this is scary, but because the process itself is unknown to many, psychic knowledge gets placed in the category labeled “strange and weird”.

What is so interesting to me is that I am such a logical person, and I really need to feel or see something for myself before I will believe it. But, when I started opening myself up to my psychic gifts, I just new I was in the right place and I began to see things happen that I had just talked about.

Now, no psychic can be 100% perfect. And, that is because the choices that souls make, do affect the outcome. Choices can change the timelines completely or even take an event out of someone’s reality.

Just think about it for a moment. If someone is meant to be president, but at a young age they develop a fear of speaking so paralyzing that they stutter. Now this can be reversed if the soul chooses to face their fear, but if they do not choose to face the fear, then they will be unable to have the confidence in themselves necessary to undertake such a big journey as campaigning for president. That is how our choice can influence our lives.

So how can a psychic help in all of this? Well, if you knew about this path for yourself at an early age, you would most likely push yourself to work though these fears so that you can fulfill your destiny. But, if you did not have the knowledge of your own possibilities, then you might make the choice to stay in that place of fear because you made it so comfortable for yourself.

Going to a psychic should not only be informative, but you should walk away feeling uplifted, hopeful and also that you were given the truth.

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Karen Downing is a spiritual coach, radio show host and psychic. Through the development of her own gifts, she has been able to help others to understand their life lessons and overcomes fears in their life. Karen channels the energy known as Aurora to bring forth messages from the world of Spirit. A new message is posted each month on